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Day 18

Ok sorry I've been so slacking with these! But honestly since my tribes have won every challenges there isn't too much to report. There hasn't been any need to really strategize or talk a lot of game with people.

Maybe since I have been quite inactive people have alliances without me, who knows. I think I have a good relationship with some people from my og tribe, and also I've known Jake for a long time so hopefully he'll wanna work with me. Also, me and Nicole played in Byzantium so that's another plus! Unless she wants me out ofc haha.

All I know is I'm really looking forward to the merge so I can try and make some moves.



Krakatoa EP 7-1


YAAS DEVON SLAY <3 so happy he didn't get voted out as he was my #1 on OG Danan. Hopefully he can stay this round if his tribe were to lose again.


Day 19

OMLLL This is amazing...Im still a virgin in Tribal Councils ❤❤ All the tribes I'm in slay and I hope I can continue with this till the merge where things will get interesting ;)



Krakatoa EP 7-2