Day 6

It's quite weird getting send to The Radiation zone to be honest. I never thought I would be sent here cause I was thinking returnee would always get to be pick. I didn't get anything from my trip here except being away from my tribemates that are not even going to tribal. I'm trying to get to know Kaily but she doesn't seem to be interested to build a relationship. I've heard she doesn't have much power in her tribe so too bad for her.


Day 7

Wow the Brown team is REALLY trying it! I know Keaton LIVES in Hawaii, but he's yellow team so how the FUCK did Brown get a perfect score. Jesus fucking christ. It extra sucks cause now with such a tight nit tribal of four, we have to be careful cause it could seriously fuck us in the end -_-. Ugh I HATE this!


Day 8

So we've basically decided what to do for this round. And as much as it sucks, I get Andrea's perspective. She thinks worse case scenario if we vote out Drew is, we lose again, either me or her go to the Zone, and Hannah and Kailyn are so secretly tight that we get 2-1'd without much debate. scary and accurate?

I believe in Kailyn's loyalty, but if it came down to just the four of us, I'm positive it would be a me and Andrea vs her and Hannah situation, which is YIKES. At ,east with Drew, we have some pull with him and he's more likely to work with us than her, considering he got left out of the initial alliance.

The only thing I'm scared of now is Kailyn's reaction, unless we can come up with a good explanation, we might have some HELL to pay when she comes back.... Ugh, I hope this is the right decision.




–Alex V.

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