Blake's Liberté
3.0 Alliance
Survivor Alliance
Founder Blake
Members Remained Loyal:
Tate (Day 13-30)
Benj (Day 13-30)
Miles (Day 20-30)
Hieu (Day 13-30)
Nifty (Day 20-25)
Ella (Day 20-25)
Dalton (Day 13-30)
Conor (Day 13-22)
Day Formed Day 13
Enemies Conor
Lowest Placing Member Blake (8/18)
Highest Placing Member Tate (Sole Survivor)

Blake's Liberté 3.0 Alliance is an alliance first formed on the Liberté tribe in Survivor: Quebec.

The alliance quickly formed by Blake during the third tribe swap, and became the dominate alliance during the merge. However, It quickly dissolved after Blake was voted out.



The alliance was formed by Blake after the 3rd tribe swap on Liberté. Blake began lying and spreading rumors to the tribe of a major pre-game alliance going on at the Révolution tribe. This made people paranoid and created he alliance. At the time, the alliance consisted of Blake, Tate, Dalton, Benj, and Conor. Blake claimed that the alliance could take over the merge if Hieu and Miles don't get voted out from Révolution. Liberté 3.0 decided to throw immunity challenges to get out John and Scott before the merge.

Fake Hidden Immunity Idol

Once both tribes merged, Dalton decided to create a fake Hidden Immunity Idol to give to his former ally Dean for a future strategic play the alliance could use in the future. Dalton's plan was leaked to Dean by Blake due to Blake seeing Dalton as a future threat, resulting in Dean being in constant anger at Dalton's betrayal.

Conor's Betrayal

After the Eva vote, the number of votes didn't accurately line up, someone was suspected of being a rat. This was eventually found out to be Conor, leaking information from the alliance to other players. The Liberté 3.0 Alliance decided to kick out Conor, and officially recognized him as an immediate threat.

Blake's Blindside

The alliance remained strong, until Final 8 when Dalton recognized it was time to get out Blake. Blake had Hieu, Tate, and Miles wrapped around his finger and had a guaranteed path to Final Tribal Council if he were to make it another round. Dalton attempted to recruit Conor, Tate, Benj, and Hunter to blindside Blake. Tate, Benj, and Hunter weren't interested in that proposal, rather focused on getting rid of Conor for his betrayal to the alliance. Conor however, agreed to the plan and thanks to Dalton's help, played his Hidden Immunity Idol sending Blake home in a 6-2 vote.


After Blake's elimination, the alliance quickly dissolved and Hieu decided to quit, due to Blake's leave. A new alliance quickly formed called "Tate/Dalton/Benj for Final Three" which then became the dominate alliance for the remainder of the merge.



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