Day 23

Man that was close. I'm so glad everyone stuck to their guns and didn't leak of anything. I'm really happy with how it turned out. In the future we will have to be more careful about idols as they might want to make one together. But yeah really good vote. The only thing is I'm not sure why they were targeting me. I guess all will be revealed on touchy subjects.


Hey buddies I have a lot of things to being out in all tribals really affected my perception of the game. In this tribal I was told by Sam that Tom was after me , then I talked with Charlie to know if he was down to vote Tom and do u know what...He saw the message, didn't answered and suddenly I receive a message from Tom that he was voting Elizabeth 😑 I knew it was Bullshit so I believed in Sam and Bam someone really flipped . Now I have to deal with Jake that is telling everyone that I trust that I voted in Sam ughhhh Honey don't start to shitting cuz I'll spill some T. Have a nice day everyone ❤❤


Woo this has been going great. I won the first merge immunity while most people took fragments (Everyone except for Bradley). Jake made a plan to blindside Bsam and tbh I was down for it cause no matter how much I love him he's still a bloody massive challenge threat. Definitely better than the alternative Tom. I don't know if there is tension between Tom or Refa or not because Refa voted Tom the tribal where Liam went out while me and Trey voted for well Liam xd. Now that all the non greenies teamed together and murdered a greenie things should be interesting next tribal with blue + yellow dominance. Also Jake has an idol now which is great. He has my back which is good to know. Not like the greens would let him know if they were killing me anyways unless the we hate each other strat was really effective which I doubt. Anyways for touchy subjects I probably failed literally everything but that's okay. Elizabeth has been randomly going around telling people that Tiago was the flipper when it was obviously me. I dunno the motive behind this but it sure is interesting.


Day 24

Krakatoa EP 9

Krakatoa EP 9


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