Day 15

Krakatoa EP 6

Krakatoa EP 6


This Moby Dick game is confusing, I thought Nicole and Jake had pretty high scores until i realised I had scored like a million more points than them. I don't know how or why, but bring on the fragment. :P

Still not sure who to work with, ideally Nicole and Charlie, but that might be a bit on the nose. Will see what they say I guess. Even if my score isn't a fluke and we end up losing, probably won't be too bad. Gives us a chance to get rid of Jake and restore unity to our once proud tribe.


I really don't want to be the guy that dictates back to back votes, so I'm trying to get someone else to suggest a name between Devon and Bradley, but it seems like no one wants to speak up which is annoying. The last thing I want is to hit merge as a leader figure because that's an instant death to me.


Day 16

RIP Devon :( my 2 closest allies (Gabe and Devon) got swapfucked, Gabe got voted out, and now Devon's probably going to get voted out so this sucks. I almost asked Sam/Tiago/Charlie to help throw the challenge to save Devon but didn't want to help get a bigger target on our backs come merge with 5 of the 6 original Danan in the game. Going forward I deff need to put in work with the people on the other tribe that I haven't talked to yet. If they're anything like Jake and Nicole I should get along with them fine but it's Survivor and anything can happen.


So, we've been on our swapped tribes for a little while now. My tribe is peaceful for the most part, but I feel like there's some.. tension? I'm not sure exactly, maybe I'm just imagining things. Maybe it's because I don't overly care for Sam. Mentioning anything about Byzantium that didn't amount to how it was God's gift to the world it feels like he takes as his entire family being murdered. I imagine Nicole only likes him because they were in Byzantium, otherwise I highly doubt it. I'm on really good terms with Charlie and pretty good terms with Elizabeth, so if we go to tribal I don't feel like I'm in the worst spot, but we'll see where it goes. My boys over on the other tribe whatever the name is hopefully should be getting rid of Devon tonight, which makes me so happy and also really upsets Sam. Even if I didn't tell Bradley about Devon, I can't imagine he wouldn't be going anyways because of his... lackluster challenge ability. Plus, the other tribe made a big mistake in letting a 3 that are immensely likely to vote together all stay in a tribe of now 6 people, so that's pretty cool. I just wanna meet back up with Bradley, I need someone to complain to because Nicole likes Sam and I'm not sure if Charlie and him are friends, so venting would be nice right now. It's not like my tribes gonna lose a challenge anyways, so it's a lot of just waiting out the clock.


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