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"Bringing Together all the Pieces"
Season Survivor: Krakatoa
Episode Number 1210
Episode Chronology
Previous Bloody Massive Challenge Threat
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Bringing Together all the Pieces is the tenth episode of Survivor: Krakatoa.


Immunity Challenge: "Seeing is Believing"

Winner(s): Jake


Day 25

Day 26

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Rexxy (5 votes)
Aston, Bradley, Devon, Elizabeth, Tiago
Elizabeth (3 votes)
Nicole, Rexxy, Tom
Nicole (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Lil Tay the youngest flexer of the century!


This is my defining move. I'm sorry it has to be this way but your in nicoles pocket and we don't talk


Final Words

There were no voting confessionals recorded.

Still in the Running

Danan Pewatan Rakata

Day 25

Hello peeps!! So I've been out for an amazing trip , with that I received a strike and lost many important informations about the game BUT actually I can beneficiate with that cuz why would they vote out someone that was out, have two strikes and it's "supposed" not to be a strike...well actually I'm bringing together all the pieces with their informations and I know so much while they think im a no one, I just have to trust some people ,not showing my infos and I'll be good :v


Day 26

Jake thinks he's Russel Hantz



Aston Confessional


Sometimes I get really into the game and lose any emotion and act purely on instinct, but then i get dragged down back to reality, and my heart starts to take over again. I dont want to become a jerk to people, i really am just trying to win the game. i do like the cast a lot, so when i come down from the high of making moves, lying and general insanity, i know theres always people i can look towards to make me feel comfortable. I can talk to Bradley, Aston, Liz, hell Nicole is one of my closest friends and I talk to her for hours every night. But I'm not here for pregames, I'm here to win. If I was going off of pregame relationships, Charlie would still be here, Devon and Tom wouldn't be. I'm not just looking to do that, though. I want to win and I'm willing at this point to do whatever it takes, and it's really starting to take a toll on my head. It feels like a transition, because I'm playing like I never have before. I'm not a liar, but this game I've lied more than I have in any other game I've played combined. I'm not used to the feeling I get from consistently lying, it gives me an adrenaline rush that feels.. really good. But it's at a cost, because I'm going off the deep end. I'm at a point now, where I feel like I can't just backpedal. I'm becoming the thing I always hated the most, I'm lying just for the fun of it. I truly wanted to be the hero, a good guy, but right now, I truly feel like I've lived long enough to see myself become a villain. I want to take out Charlie? They just.. let me do it? Let's see.. prey on the dislikes of other people and exploit them because I can? Check. Make up some bullshit about Nicole being heavily targeted when we were planning on voting Rexxy anyways, then get all the blues to give up their fragments to give her an idol, then immediately vote for her and idol Elizabeth out? What kind of fucking nutcase would do all that complicated nonsense? It started out small, I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to be good. But, good never got me anywhere in any other games. It's really gotten me to think about what exactly I'm okay with and where my morality stands because I always generally followed a similar set of rules for myself, but now it's completely out the fucking window. A lot of what I'm doing is seemingly random bullshit, and on some level I can agree, but it's also how I'm dealing with this new feeling, and that's by going completely fucking bonkers. I still have some semblance of sanity, like I am thinking all of this through a lot to make sure I don't fuck it all up, but this game. This game is breaking me down. But I want to stay, I want to stay on Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.


Jake has gone off the deep end.



Jake Rant


somebody is going to be mad after this vote but im not sure who AAAAAA jake thinks its going to work out perfectly but hes wrong


Alrightie a bit of catching up to do I guess! I'M SORRY I'M NOT GREAT AT CONFESSIONALS. Okay so the Sam vote was a big one let me tell you. I think I had a big part to play in it but I don't want to brag. The plan was to make Tiago think it was him and then blindside Sam. The hope was to prevent an idol being played and that is exactly what it did. It worked super well and I'm so glad it came off. Tiago definitely thought it was him going and it actually wasn't. But yeah the thing is about the vote is that Devon supposedly knew about it so I'm really not sure if he knew about it and tried to get Sam's frags before he left or if he is just bluffing to us which is always possible you know. But yeah that solidified a really good group of people who wanted to work with me but also I felt comfortable working with. Okay so the next vote, at this point Nicole is becoming kinda a big threat because of immunities and the like. This leads onto the vote coming up. Now Charlie was a funny one, I knew him quite well from outside the game but inside the game he just wasn't active enough to be someone to keep around in my opinion. I mean he wasn't afraid to put my name down as of the vote before so I wasn't worried writing his name down. Also another thing to not it that Rexxy although writing my name down for the Liam voteout seems to be loyal to me or others around me, which could change in the near future. Yeah so that meant Charles went home. Now here is where it gets a bit sticky let me tell you. So this is the people I feel closest with at the moment in terms of trust. 1. Nicole, 2. Jake, 3. Aston, 4. Brad, 5. Rexxy, 6. Devon, 7. Tiago and 8. Liz ..... So Liz should go home here due to an idol play from Nicole, but I really do know that Nicole and Jake can't make it to the end with me so I'm looking at people like Rexxy who doesn't have much game sense but is happy to be on the right side of the numbers. Aston and Brad will also be good people to keep around as the Retail Rowers and yeah I know they are keeping me out of the loop this vote because they know I'm close with Nicole. I just don't get why they would want me to vote Rexxy but anyway. I have no idea where Tiago's head is to be honest and some people don't even bother to message back so that is an ouch I guess. Also after this blindside Jake will be exposed for lying and it probably will be 4-4 therefore but I see people like Aston and myself putting something together that can get us further in the game. So yeah that is me for the moment and this game is really starting to turn up the temperature and starting to ruffle my feathers. Let's see how this goes.



  • The episode title was said by Tiago.


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