Cheating is a case where contestants attempt to rig the game for them to win in one way or another.

Forms of Cheating


Sockpuppetry occurs when a contestant (known as the sockpuppeteer) attempts to further their own game by entering a second account (known as a sockpuppet) into the game.

Another form of sockpuppetry occurs when a former contestant tries to enter a different account into another season, with the hopes of being able to play again, unbeknownst to everyone else.


Photoshopping occurs when a contestant tries to digitally alter their challenge scores, making it look like they received a higher score than what they actually did.

Password Stealing

Password stealing is when one contestant obtains another contestant's password and play as them. This is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Helping With Scores

Helping with scores is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Glitch Exploiting

Glitch exploiting is when a contestant exploits a glitch in a flash game, which can unfairly help them win.

Outside Contact

Players in the game are not allowed to contact people outside of the game or on other tribes, as this can give players an unfair advantage. It is also forbidden for jurors to contact players still in the game, or for people outside the game to leak information to the contestants.


From the beginning in first season, Survivor: Russia, players were forbidden to send screenshots of conversations to other contestants.

Known Cheaters

Cheater Season Type Reason Punishment
Pagonging Survivor: Majorca Sockpuppetry Attempted to apply for Survivor: Majorca with his own account and a sock account. Banned from competing on any season of Canadienne ORG.
Sliemy1 Screenshotting Sent screenshots related to the game. Given a penalty vote and was not allowed to compete in immunity.
Alexgabriel1999 Big Brother 3 Photoshopping Attempted to submit an edited score for Week 5's Head of Household. Disqualified from winning the comp, and received a strike. He walked later after being nominated.
Kyshes Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Screenshotting Sent screenshots related to the game. They quit the game before a punishment was given.
Penguinxd123 Survivor: Black Forest Sockpuppetry Attempted to apply for a game with a new account despite having played before. Action is pending.



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