Diary Room Chair

A Diary Room Chair

Diary Room (abbreviated DR) is where houseguests go to talk to the hosts and audience to explain their strategy as well as to vent out their emotions while playing the game.

In the Canadienne ORG Big Brother game, the Diary Room comes in a form of a group Facebook chat with the houseguest and all the hosts.

Uses of the Diary Room


Houseguests can utilize the Diary Room to tell their side of the story of what is going on in the Big Brother house. All the confessionals will eventually be released to the public once the game is over.

Competition Submissions

In some competitions, the houseguests are asked to submit their scores via the Diary Room. This usually happens for competitions involving flash games.


The Head of Household utilizes the Diary Room to inform the hosts about his or her nominations for eviction. Once the HoH finalizes his, her or their decision, the hosts post the nominees along with the HoH's reasons for nomination in the season's forum. If the PoV holder chooses to use the Power of Veto, the Diary Room is also where the HoH will notify the hosts about his, her or their replacement nominee.

Power of Veto Decision

The Diary Room is used by the Power of Veto Holder to tell the hosts whether he, she or they well use the PoV or not. Subsequently, the hosts posts the PoV holders decision in the season's forum.


During the eviction ceremony, houseguests go to the Diary Room to cast their vote on which nominee they want to evict.

Receiving Information

Information may be sent to houseguests via the Diary Room as it is an easy way for the hosts to communicate with the houseguests privately. This information includes a variety of things; such as secret missions, secret rewards, etc.

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