Eviction is the process of a houseguest leaving the Big Brother House.


During the Eviction Ceremony, the nominees are given a chance to make their final plea as to why they should stay. The remaining houseguests then cast their vote to evict. The Head of Household and the nominees are ineligible to vote. The Head of Household votes only in the case of a tie vote. After the votes are in, the results of the vote are announced to the houseguests, telling them the number of votes cast in favor of the evicted houseguest. At that moment, the evictee is removed from the Big Brother Facebook Group chat and group. The evicted houseguest is discouraged from communicating with the remaining houseguests about the game.


Following a houseguest's eviction, their photograph on the Memory Wall turns black and white. Normally, they are out of the house for good, but on rare occasions they may return by means of the Returning Evicted Houseguest twist.

Types of Eviction

  • Double Eviction is a twist where two houseguests are evicted instead of one.
  • Instant Eviction is a twist where in the nominations made by the Head of Household is final and the nominees will face eviction right away.


Walk is a term used when a houseguest voluntarily exits or decides to leave the game on their own terms. This is usually due to personal reasons.


  • HLC from Big Brother 2 and Aidan from Big Brother 3 both hold the record for most votes cast against them in a single eviction with 11.
    • They also hold the record for most votes cast against them with 11.
  • Matthias from Big Brother 2 is the first houseguest to walk. He left the game due to personal reasons.
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