Expulsion is a form of disqualification that occurs when a houseguest breaks the rules of the game such as cheating. The expelled houseguest is removed from the game permanently, banned from groups and websites associated to the Canadienne ORG Wiki, and will not be allowed to return in a future season. The hosts decide whether a houseguest needs to be expelled, which means that the other houseguests are not involved in the decision process.

Houseguests who are expelled during the jury stage are not allowed to become part of the jury. Expelled houseguests are ineligible to win the Fan Favorite Award.

Grounds for Expulsion

The hosts might expel a houseguest for a first or one-off incident of appropriate severity. It is in the hosts' discretion whether an action falls under one of the grounds for expulsion. A houseguest can be expelled for a single or multiple case of one of the following:

  • Attack towards one's sexual orientation
  • Bullying/Verbal assault
  • Cheating
  • Hacking
  • Racially, sexually or religiously aggravated offenses
  • Sockpuppetry
  • Vandalism (purposely defacing the Wiki site or Facebook Group)

The Three Strike Rule

In the event a houseguest who is legible to vote fails to cast his/her/their vote within the allotted voting time period, he/she/they will receive a strike. Failing to vote in three separate occasions will result in an expulsion.

Furthermore, if a houseguest fails to participate in a competition, he/she/they will receive a strike. Failing to participate in three separate occasions will also result in an expulsion.

A houseguest will not incur a strike if he/she/they notifies/notify the hosts about being unable to participate during the Eviction Ceremony or Competitions.

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