Final Tribal Council
TateS10Tate, a two-time player who has made Final Tribal Council twice.
Survivor Gameplay
Description The Final Two/Final Three plead their case to the jury to become the Sole Survivor.
Appearance(s) Every season


The Final Tribal Council is the final event of the game. This is where the finalists face the jury, who will have a very important decision to make in voting for a winner. The person who gets the most votes from the jury will win the title of Sole Survivor.

Final Tribal Council votes are cast not by the remaining contestants, but by the jury, and that they are voting for and not against somebody.

People Who Have Reached Final Tribal Council

Season Castaway Finish Jury Votes
S1Logo ChrisS1 Teteworms
Sole Survivor 4
S1Logo JoaquinS1 TicciSparks87
Runner-Up 2
S1Logo PatrickS1 Narsys
Runner-Up 1
S2Logo BrianS2 XKC
Sole Survivor 5
S2Logo BradleyS2 TheBradleyG
Runner-Up 3
S2Logo AlecS2 heyitslec
Runner-Up 0
S3Logo TateS3 Tatehornford
Sole Survivor 7
S3Logo ConorS3 TDFConor
Runner-Up 2
S4Logo ChrisS4 Blueu22
Sole Survivor 7
S4Logo ShannonS4 Lionshadyshanimal
Runner-Up 0
S5Logo KaedenS5 Kuzuri
Sole Survivor 5
S5Logo SimS5 CakingCake
Runner-Up 2
S5Logo MalikS5 TheGodOfBlue
Runner-Up 0
S6Logo NathanS6 HeartKid17
Sole Survivor 7
S6Logo SheaS6 Elawnzs
Runner-Up 3
S6Logo JenniferS6 Jennifer.mac.3
Runner-Up 0
S7Logo S7Tyler tylerjordan93
Sole Survivor 6
S7Logo S7Anthony eatemuptigs
Runner-Up 3
S8Logo S8Ben Bb1233
Sole Survivor 4
S8Logo S8Danielius Dankeluix
Runner-Up 3
S9Logo SamS9 Drachus10
Sole Survivor 6
S9Logo RhysS9 FlightlessP
Runner-Up 3
S10Logo TaraS10 Linussucc
Sole Survivor 4
S10Logo TateS10 Tatehornford
Runner-Up 3
S10Logo DaltonS10 Ak paradox
Runner-Up 3
S11Logo S11Martynas 5martis5
Sole Survivor 4
S11Logo S11Mihai Mihai22
Runner-Up 3
S12Logo BradleyS12 Bradwest86
Sole Survivor 5
S12Logo DevonS12 Witherda
Runner-Up 2
S12Logo TiagoS12 Titerrorista2000
Runner-Up 0
S13Logo AlexVS13 AlexVivor
"Alex V."
Sole Survivor 5
S13Logo AlexRS13 Alexrobertss
"Alex R."
Runner-Up 4
S13Logo AndreaS13 Andreageiget
Runner-Up 0


  • Alex V., Andrea, Dalton, Julia/Tara, and Tate are the only players to reach Final Tribal Council as a Returning Player.
    • Tate is also the first and so far the only player to reach Final Tribal Council twice.
  • Chris (Japan) is so far the only Sole Survivor to win as a unanimous vote.
  • Chris (Russia) is the first Sole Survivor of Canadienne and the first male winner.
  • Brian (Singapore) is the first Sole Survivor of Canadienne to be of the LGBT.
    • Julia/Tara is the first female Sole Survivor on Canadienne.
  • Alec, Shannon, Malik, Jennifer, Tiago, Andrea and Zach are the only finalists to not receive a single jury vote.
    • Out of all of them, Shannon is the only one to not receive a vote when Final Tribal Council is a Final Two.
  • As of Survivor: Krakatoa, every person to have played a Hidden Immunity Idol has failed to win the game at Final Tribal Council.
    • The only close exception to this is that Tate had given his Hidden Immunity Idol to Dalton to play in Survivor: The Emerald Isle, even though he had won Survivor: Quebec. Dalton and Tate would then go on to lose Final Tribal Council of that season.
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