Day 12

Okay sorry if most of the stuff you're about to read doesn't make sense i'm a bit dead on the inside atm. So i asked for a swap with bsam charlie and jake... and look at who's on my tribe. So I sorta know most of the people on my tribe. I whipped Tiago in the duel. Elizabeth is on an enemy tribe in another org (Twisted's Hawaii) I spoke to her a few times before since during challenges there's a chat). Charlie is actually a great person but like in Byzantium he tried to get me out so I got him out so idk about the trust there. Bsam was first one out of Edessa in Byzantium, I ended up voting him but since then he has expressed that he likes me as a person so I guess my relationship with him is better than Charlie. Lastly theres Jake my self proclaimed brother :3 I think he'll be loyal to me no matter what but hes on the only orignal Pewatan here so he's not in a good position.


"Well. on paper, the tribe swap screwed Nicole and I. We both are still trying to be optimistic about it, but if you look at it, with 4 Danan members, 2 Rakata members, and Jake, there's a good chance that Jake would totally go to the Danan side over us, if we ever to go to tribal.

As of now Nicole and I both have one fragments. So I'm thinking of hopefully find a Danan member who have another fragment so we could pretty much try to group up to gain those 8 fragments..."


Day 13

"This swap is an almost perfect situation for me. With the divide (based on original tribes) being 2/2/3, I feel like Gabe and I can sit in the background in the meantime.

Tom, AJ, and Aston have been quiet to start, but I’ve connected well with both Bradley and Trey. I’m not sure how a first vote would play out though....

The goal right now is continue to play the social game and get to know the more conservative individuals. If I can do that, there’s a shot I make the merge in a few rounds "


Happy I didn't get swapfucked but the 2 people I was closest to (Devon and Gabe) are on the other tribe :( I would totally be fine losing if it means the 2 of them are safe and og Danan have the numbers on the new tribe. I really like Jake and Nicole so Rexxy would be my first choice to go home if we were to lose. If we win, I hope Gabe n Devon can get the numbers to stay safe.


Right now my tactics coming into this new tribe are pretty simple. I've still got Bradley and I've got Aston with me and they were the two people I was closest with from my original tribe so that just makes me have a lot of comfort knowing that I have people I can rely on without needing to push myself outside of the social bubble that I've already got around to me. In saying that though I've already started to form relationships with the people from the other two tribes and I think I'm at a point where I'm on good enough terms with people that they won't be wanting to target me any time soon. More than that it means that with Bradley making a bit more of an aggressive push to talk strategy to people I can keep things completely personal with people because I don't have a need to also be strategising which just makes people feel a lot more comfortable around me long-term and sorry if something does go wrong Bradley will be at target before I would. I'm still more than willing to go far with Bradley but I know that he's a very cerebral and calculated person and so if I give him too much legroom he'll sprint away with it


My current goal is to sort of build comfort with people. I think if I can just tell people some information that on paper is completely pointless but in the long run might make them think it's useful that I can build friendships or some shit. For instance, I was talking earlier with Gabriel and from what I can tell he's been talking a lot to Bradley so to gain a bit of common ground with them I spoke a bit about how I've played with Bradley in the past. Without wanting to reveal too much about the fact that Bradley and I are working together all I said was that you know we were with eachother for a couple of rounds in a game, that was it, and what that does is make him feel like I've given him some valuable info even though all I've said is something incredibly surface level and pointless. It just basically creates a sense that I'm willing to tell him things and if I have that level of honesty with him he will be willing to tell me things in turn, hopefully more valuable information than the useless crap I've been spewing out to him.


Another thing I'm sort of working on doing is communicating with people and really showing guilt about the fact that I messed up in the challenge. I think if I can make it seem like I'm easily fragile and breakable people will think that that something they can exploit later on down the track and it ultimately will just give me a better chance at moving forward in a strong position.


I really didn't want to start playing offense so soon, but whatever, aggressive gameplay time. If Bradley wants to be difficult, I'm just going to work around him. Tom and Aston are close, I've still got Aston from our old Petawan days, Trey and I are getting on like a house on fire, and obviously Trey and Tom were on a tribe together, so that's a perfect foursome to form. This is either the start of my downfall, or it's the start of my meteoric rise to power.


I made a promise to Trey that in a situation that his name came up, I'd be willing to tell him. His name came up and so I felt like it was worth building the trust with him to tell him, even if that makes him a little more panicked. What it hopefully has accomplished is that Bradley and Devon are now seen as a bigger target than I could become to him, at least in recent times. With Bradley throwing his name out there, Devon still harbouring some ill will towards Trey from Deception Island, and of course Devon suddenly whispering something into Bradley's ear that has him trusting him a lot, it makes sense for my game to pin a target against them. I still really trust Bradley, but that's literally no use to me if someone else holds Bradley's vote and Bradley's loyalty. I didn't come here to throw away my numbers to Devon, so I'm sweeping the rug out from under his feet.


Just as I think I've smoothed things over, there's doubt thrown into the air. Why can things just never go simply for me in swap situations? Why can't I just settle in with rational, level headed people that see the situation we're in and are willing to work forward with that? I swear, if I end up being taken out in this whole debacle I'll be pissed. I have the concrete foundations set out, and all that needs to happen is for things to run their course. If people want to go against that now they're shooting themselves in the foot, because we're already losing to the other tribe. Is moving forward with me a good idea come merge? Probably not. I'm good in challenges, I'm quick to build social connections, and I'm in a good standing numbers wise. But worry about the merge once you're, you know, actually at the merge! Cutting out people that the tribe needs now is the stupidest thing for your longevity, because if I go, shit will have been stirred and there's a DEFINITE chance that more people from this tribe will be gone before then.


Day 14

I really didn't want to start playing offense so soon, but whatever, aggressive gameplay time. If Bradley wants to be difficult, I'm just going to work around him. Tom and Aston are close, I've still got Aston from our old Petawan days, Trey and I are getting on like a house on fire, and obviously Trey and Tom were on a tribe together, so that's a perfect foursome to form.


Well it's been a while since last update so let's give this a crack. So the first piece of news is that we swapped. For me it's a bit of a mixed bag of I'm honest. I mean it most probably was gonna be Rexxy voted off but still you never want to go to tribal if you can help it. But yeah it was really looking like we would have lost at least once more after that if we didn't swap like we did. But yeah I'm not too sure about this tribe either, we lost the first challenge and that sucks because we know we have an uphill battle to conquer but oh well. I think other activities we could have a better chance of taking out rather than activity ones. In terms of alliances I was really sad to leave Nicole on the other tribe but I'm ecstatic that Trey is on my tribe. I think we can really make something work and do some damage in this game. So far I'm liking the tribe socially. It's looking like its gonna be 3v2 wit Trey and I in the mix as well. I think ATM the person I want out the most is AJ TBH. I have made a really good bond with Aston so I really don't want him to go. Well also I really like Gabe and the other chap who was on his tribe. (I forgot his name). I think sticking with them is the best option but it could lead to trouble down the line possibly. I'm but yeah the coconuts are nice and things are starting to really heat up and people are emerging now who could really win the game so I have to watch out for that. Um but yeah so far so good,Im looking good ATM. Let's see what the rest of the game brings!


Hello its me again :o. So today we had our endurance challenge and we swept 5-0. Then we had a large discussion involving podorg between me jake and malik which bascially screamed we know each other and we're on good terms! so jake messaged me and was like time to make them think we hate each other. I was like this is past the point of no return we go all in or we fold. So we started a conflict that was very very real. He started shittalking hedger ;-; so I started yelling at him (this isn't what usually happens when he shittalks but it if wasn't him my reaction would be like that) So we yelled at each other for like an hour and I called him cancer multiple times. Then he roasted my 0 jury votes in byzantium and Sam really thought he was a dick because of that. So now everyones messaging me and they're like jake's literally asking to be voted out. So then I told jake that and I said DAMAGE CONTROL. so yeah we're controlling the damage. Also Jake took the barito challenge which gave a fragment after I called out Charlie for trying to take it so now everyone has the concept in their head. then boom sam pointed it out to me and i was like ugh but we would've lost that point if he didn't do it :( so then he was like yeah but we should avoid having jake on fragment challenges later on and i was like sure why tf not. I also made a deal with Jake and said "if you're about to die i'll tell you and you can pass me all of ur fragments" and then I also said "if i'm about to die tell me and i'll give you mine" THEN THIS DUDE TELLS ME HE HAS 3 FRAGMENTS and im like. Im secretly hoping you die so i can have the fragments but not really. So yeah chaotic day!!


Krakatoa EP 5

Krakatoa EP 5


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