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Day 30

I love having passive aggressive conversations with Jake.


Day 31

Heheyo So after the mess Jake caused I know I can't fully trust him so me and Devon are a certain duo since our f3 deal with Liz is vanished. I found that I can use Jake at the moment cuz he thinks his on the top and we should vote out big threats but then I'll have to cut him out cuz there's no way I'll be sitting next to him (if I'm going into the finale). So right now I see everyone like this:

Devon - Nice person and the only one I trust 1000%
Tom - He tells you what you want to hear...could be more discreet lol
Jake - He is kinda loyal but he still wanted revenge for what happened to his closest allie (or ally? I'm confused about how it's written :v) in the pre-merge so I don't blame him but with the idol he is a HUGE threat.
Aston - I heard from multiple persons that he thinks he has like 2 or 3 people in his pocket so another one that thinks he is in the top so I'm here to make sure his ego will do down.
Bradley - After his calling out to Jake I started knowing him more and he seems trustworthy still his not of many talks from what I see and only time will tell what are his plans :v
Nicole - So she was a huge threat and then after I tried to get her out she started to play the dumb game and I'm not buying it. She's staying UTR till f4 when she probably think she can win immunity cuz she's indeed good at challenges.
I think that's everyone ❤❤😈👼


Okay so about that idol play this is basically what happened. The yellows and the greens made an alliance or whatever and they wanted to murder me. Jake loves me so he told me that and I had 5 frags but I decided to only tell Tom/Rexxy that I had one so Jake kinda pretended he had a lot of frags. So then I stole Tom and Rexxy's fragments (yay lol) and then I made an idol. I then played the idol but Ashton/Bradley/Devon actually wanted rexxy but didn't tell Jake cause they felt like he was too in control. So then they played him and he unintentionally played me which is a bit ajoikflds. So my fragments r gone but jake still has an idol. Jake then won immunity so we thought it was idol me or bust. Then people ended up flipping and voting Liz (Who by the way is targeting me in 4 other orgs scary af).


I am honestly having so much fun. As a person I liked Elizabeth but she straight up refused to talk to me after a while (I was pretty rude to her, not sure how I feel about myself for that one..) so I can't really be upset that she's gone. Last night, for no reason Aston decided to argue with me about how I didn't treat every word he said as if I completely trusted him, and he thinks that one round of doing what he said and also being lied to about who everyone else was voting & then baiting me into using an idol on Nicole, yeah I can't say I'm completely trusting. So for him, as someone in the middle, which even if everything he said was 100% correct you don't really get to do that.. Honestly this makes me confident enough to actually not even use my idol if I don't win immunity, because all of us are sick of it at this point. He's been playing the middle but pretending like he's on a side, it's getting old.


Day 32

Hello guys! What a rollercoaster this have been. So first of all Andrea was my choice so all her fans start following me! Jk but yeah so looks like there's a tight trio Jake/Nicole/Tom and a tight duo Brad/Aston and another duo me/Devon , the plan is vote out either Nicole or Jake and Im more clined up for Aston cuz he is more likable in the jury. Me and Jake agreed that I can vote in him(in Jake) so I won't piss anyone, I can flush Jake's idol(bc he will use it to save himself) and get Aston out 😍 Then Tom as to go so I can put myself in the trio alliance with Jake and Nicole but that for later. Stay tuned!



Krakatoa EP 12


Time for some damage control, two big targets vulnerable and only one idol, lets get itttt