Day 9

I knew a tribe swap would happen at some point but that doesn't make it any better. It sucks that the Uvaha tribe is separated because we all worked so well together, it's even worse that the next person to go is probably gonna be an original Uhava member. I'm glad that I'm with Alex V on this tribe at least, him and Louise are probably the people I'm closest to in the game so far, me and Alex even shared our secret idol guessing documents <3. Anyways, me and Alex are gonna try and do our best to make sure we firstly win this challenge and then try and get ourselves in good positions because we assume that the others will try and gang up on us since we have the tribal majority overall in the game. I just want my immunity streak to carry on.

–Alex R.

I truly hate swaps. It's starting all over again and I'm not the best person for dealing with changes


I’m by myself I’m cold and alone and have no one to entertain me and it SUCX get me back ON A TRIBE


Fuck Swaps (CHERNOBYL EP 4)

Fuck Swaps (CHERNOBYL EP 4)

–Alex V.

Day 11

Whew, I'm glad we were able to win that immunity, I hope me and Alex V would have been safe without it but it's always better to just have the immunity. I think if we were to go to tribal, one of the original Yadernyy members would go, Wendy and I both agreed that a sort of alliance between us two Zack and Alex V would be good for all of us, and I also talked to Ant who said he would like it if the original Uvaha and Pripyat people teamed up, so feeling good about it but I just hope I'm not being stupid about anything.

–Alex R.

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