Jury (Survivor)
Survivor Gameplay
Description A group of recently eliminated contestants who vote to determine the Sole Survivor
Appearance(s) Every season
The Jury consists of a group of eliminated castaways (typically past the merge portion of the competition) that return to witness the remaining Survivors' actions at Tribal Council. The information they take in from these visits is supposed to help them decide who to vote for to win the $1,000,000 prize and the title of Sole Survivor at the end of the game. They are usually forbidden to speak, with the exception of the Final Tribal Council, where they are allowed to address the finalists and ask them questions.

The Jury is comprised of somewhere between 7-10 contestants, depending on the season.


When Survivor jury members get voted out, they are whisked away to a camp called Ponderosa (not to be confused with the base camp where the production crew stays). The CBS website allows fans to see what happens behind the scenes as Jury members enter the camp and re-assimilate to life in the outside world. Jury members stay at Ponderosa until the day after Day 39 and are transported to every Tribal Council to get a glimpse at what is happening with the remaining castaways who are still in the running. While at Ponderosa, cast-offs enjoy movies, all the food they can eat, special excursions, bedding, showers, and many other luxuries not permitted during the game of Survivor. Additionally, the contestants get a chance to ponder on who they will vote for as the winner of the show, and conversations between the jurors at Ponderosa can decide the outcome of the season.

Final Tribal Council

On Day 39, at the Final Tribal Council, after hearing the finalists' opening words, every Jury member gives their Jury speech, giving a chance to ask them a question or make a comment regarding their game and the moves they made. After all jurors have spoken, the finalists give their final statements, trying to convince the Jury members to vote for them. The Jury then votes for a winner.



Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
PoteetS1 ChurffEuYurk TicciSparks87
HunterS1 WolfRebel0 Teteworms
AidanS1 NINJAxxSNIPER Teteworms
DominickS1 RAWRItsDom Teteworms
GregoryS1 DryIceBros Teteworms
MattS1 MrTdrotifan101 TicciSparks87
DeanS1 Dean624 Narsys
Final Vote 4-2-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
EzraS2 LoganEntertainment XKC
AmberS2 Loenev XKC
DanielS2 DanielABC XKC
AdrianS2 TDF2132 XKC
RJS2 Pratyyyyy TheBradleyG
IanS2 SonOfMyRightHand TheBradleyG
PanchetorS2 NickTD TheBradleyG
Final Vote 5-3-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
NiftyS3 Niftyness Tatehornford
EllaS3 QueenFioonz Tatehornford
DeanS3 Deandean98 TDFConor
BlakeS3 Tanglefrost Tatehornford
HieuS3 Hieungo94 Tatehornford
HunterS3 Survivorhp TDFConor
MilesS3 FluffyYoshi Tatehornford
DaltonS3 Ak paradox Tatehornford
BenjS3 3BenjNZr Tatehornford
Final Vote 7-2


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
FelixS4 FescennineFelix Blueu22
CatherineS4 Imayami Blueu22
EmmaS4 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX Blueu22
AllisonS4 DarkKid99 Blueu22
CharleyS4 Dangrayne Blueu22
EddieS4 Eddie325™ Blueu22
TobyS4 Owlish Blueu22
Final Vote 7-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
NickS5 YauManFan Kuzuri
TaraS5 Linussucc Kuzuri
JakeRS5 Jake R Kuzuri
ThomasS5 ThomasSaxby CakingCake
MarcoS5 POLO975 Kuzuri
ArenS5 ScorpioTheConquerer Kuzuri
BlakeS5 LongedShorted CakingCake
Final Vote 5-2-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
DaniS6 DaniPero32 HeartKid17
EvaS6Merge Whatevereva HeartKid17
RomainS6 RomainOL HeartKid17
DuskS6Merge DuskofSkulls HeartKid17
GevonteS6Merge TotalDramaNaruto Kyshes
GabeS6Merge Blabberboy HeartKid17
AsaS6Merge MorningMedicine Kyshes
TomS6Merge TDBus HeartKid17
AaronS6Merge Unbornsavior Kyshes
AllyS6Merge Allyreyes HeartKid17
Final Vote 7-3-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S7Mikala Sliemy1 Tylerjordan93
S7Aromal Smocke55 Eatemuptigs
S7Nicolai Daves4590 Eatemuptigs
S7Milke DestructiveMilkshake Tylerjordan93
S7Alana XxGrace Black Tylerjordan93
S7Dwayne Germanotta3395 Tylerjordan93
S7Nadine Cinnanie Eatemuptigs
S7Ayhan Ay.han21 Tylerjordan93
S7Emily Smiledr Tylerjordan93
Final Vote 6-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S8Dan AussieRosalina Dankeluix
S8Hedger Hedger14 Bb1233
S8Andrew Agonzo7988 Dankeluix
S8Mackie Chronic Messiah Bb1233
S8Alissa AlissaMarinxo Dankeluix
S8Hudson Jacob Number1 Bb1233
S8Mackie Seamusfromkansas Bb1233
Final Vote 4-3

Great Plains

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
RyanS9 Qrstuvwoody FlightlessP
JackS9 Jackattack1234 Drachus10
RobS9 Munchyoshi Drachus10
AndreaS9 Andreageiget Drachus10
AndrewS9 DonningMyCape FlightlessP
MiguelES9 TheSoleSurvivorCY FlightlessP
DavidS9 Hobandav Drachus10
MiguelLS9 MiguelLopez^2 Drachus10
NatalieS9 Leelong2012 Drachus10
Final Vote 6-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
MalikS10 TheGodOfBlue Tatehornford
TylerS10 Tylerjordan93 Linussucc
HudsonS10 Jacob Number1 Linussucc
EmilyS10 Smiledr Ak paradox
AnthonyS10 Eatemuptigs Tatehornford
AyhanS10 Ay.han21 Linussucc
DwayneS10 Germanotta3395 Ak paradox
FelixS10 FescennineFelix Ak paradox
NatalieS10 Leelong2012 Tatehornford
AidanS10 NINJAxxSNIPER Linussucc
Final Vote 4-3-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S11JaredMerge Jayrodstantdog Mihai22
S11CrooksMerge MisterGohan Mihai22
S11BradleyMerge Brarskol 5martis5
S11MadisonMerge MadsMarie 5martis5
S11AlexMerge Alexgabriel1999 5martis5
S11ValentinMerge V.d.18 5martis5
Final Vote 4-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
CharlieS12 Charlie.W1993 Witherda
RexxyS12 Rexxy15 Bradwest86
ElizabethS12 Elizabethfarbota Bradwest86
NicoleS12 Nicol Stone Bradwest86
AstonS12 FeiLong Bradwest86
JakeS12 YanmegaMan Witherda
TomS12 Flippo135 Bradwest86
Final Vote 5-2-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
KeatonS13 F-L-R-N Alexrobertss
DrewS13 Heuse1ac AlexVivor
AJS13 ItsAjNeale AlexVivor
ZackS13 Zackbish Alexrobertss
LinusS13 Radfiddler Alexrobertss
LouiseS13 Twiggley AlexVivor
JimS13 JimboVA18 AlexVivor
WendyS13 OstianWendy Alexrobertss
AndreaS13 Andreageiget AlexVivor
Final Vote 5-4-0

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