The merge flag from Survivor: The Emerald Isle for the Cumaisc tribe.
Survivor Gameplay
Description The coming together of all rival tribes as one tribe.
Appearance(s) Every season.
A merge (sometimes referred to as The Merge) is the coming together of the two or more competing tribes into a single tribe. This means that the tribes will now live as one in one camp until the end of the game. This also signals the game's halfway point and typically is near the start of the jury phase.

The merge signals the halfway point of the game. It is where the castaways will live as one new tribe until the final day of the competition. From this point forward, the game shifts from a team-effort competition into an individual game, although some challenges would still be team challenges. The final two or three would then face the jury on the last day of the competition at the Final Tribal Council, where the jury decides who will be the Sole Survivor.

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