Day 13

They Better pick it

Linus is not naming our tribe


Slowly losing hope that I'll be able to name the merge tribe


😂😂😂😂😂 I did it

Naming a survivor tribe after a vodka can now be crossed off my boozy bucket list The backup name was Ariana for our goddess ms grande I'm trying to downplay how much I'm gonna enjoy these next couple weeks- this is my game to lose


I also have Pat in my back pocket if needed

You don't have to go after pat, he puts a target on himself He's so hard to manage, I call him hurricane pat


I miss the yellow. chat color. 😢


Lol I do not like that group of 3 together. Ima just go with it for now and see what happens.


Day 14

The sooner I get patrick reaves out of both the better


Being exiled sucks! I mean, I did volunteer to go so I could possibly get the idol, but not being able to watch and talk with the rest of the guys (who are really cool people may I add) is just irritating.


Day 15

I really fucking want to win a game

One of these days


You see, no one would ever vote me out itl

I'm just too trustworthy



People taking several days off and still in this game Get them out of here


I'm in an alliance with myself called truffle butter. We're gonna try to go far and flop.



My supposed ally Buddy and I cursing at each other already😂


Russia getting 110% of my attention now yall

So I still need to play the flash game before 8 I get home at 6:30 Totally enough time to win immunity


Pat has informed me that the whole 'keep it red' strategy has been leaked

Guess this is game on


According to pat Johnny already has people looking to blindside me

Isn't the world a beautiful place? After this week I need to try and lay low, assuming I did enough to get immunity (fingers crossed)


Well, here we go

No clue where I stand anymore


So I had a good talk with Greg

we were really hesitant to trust one another I'm hesitant to trust anyone It's like the feeling after a bad breakup, you need time But I don't have time xD


This 'Three of a Kind' alliance is working kind of well. Glad they have a brain and don't argue "WE SHOULD GET OUT INACS BC PRAISE LIAM". Tbh, sticking with Oklahoma sucks, but it's best for me rn. 😗


Day 16

looks like we have a voting majority to take out RJ, he is pretty much useless and allows me to build trust with people who may have seen me as sketchy for the whole "keep it red" disaster

the setup will get better if I go deep in this game 🙂


I have a really tasty beer waiting for IF I make the jury

Would be first jury for me since january Gonna have to do damage control with hunter though that'll suck He is voting Matt And I did something different...gonna explain that I found out I was being targeted for an all red mentality and just move on from there


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