Contestant Profile
Nickname(s) Sarah
Age 21
Nationality Canada

Big Brother 2

Placement 3rd
HOH Win(s) 0
Veto Win(s) 1
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 91

Poutingbeauty, also known as "Sarah", is a contestant from Big Brother 2. As Sarah played with Andreas as one, they took turns every week when it came to competitions. They however couldn't have a back to back HOH.

This page focuses on Sarah individually. For further information on Andreas & Sarah, see the page Sardreas.

Competition History

Week Competition Results
Week 2 HOH Loss
POV Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
POV Loss
Week 6 HOH Loss
Week 8 HOH Previous HOH
POV Not Picked
Week 10 HOH Previous HOH
POV Loss
Week 12 HOH Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for
Week 1 Penthouse Suite
Week 2 TBA
Week 3 Mack
Week 4 Andrea
Week 5 POV Holder Dan
Week 6 TBA
Week 7 HOH
Week 8 Devon
Week 9 HOH/POV Holder
Week 10 Erin
Week 11 POV Holder Aras
Week 12 POV Holder Luca
Week 13 Nominated
Evicted (Day 91)

Big Brother Season 2 Houseguests
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