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Day 20

Here we go! Finally the merge (this will be a bit longer)

First off, how dumb was AJ to make a chat without Bradley in order to split votes? He should have GONE to Aston and convinced him it was a good idea beforehand.

Also, much respect to Trey. Throughout any org I’ve played, he’s the best strategic player I’ve come across (I’ve played with him previously and he duped me at the final 6). He almost had me on two occasions, so I have to tip my cap to him.

Now that they let me slip into the merge, I’m really confident about my position. I have good vibes with my former tribe, which includes 4 other castaways.

Then I have a solid alliance with Bradley/Aston at the moment, who are ALSO connected to Jake.

Nicole seems nice, but could be a social threat to an extent.

Refa is MIA, so I’m under the impression that he’ll float his way to an early merge boot slot.

The only part I’m nervous about is the Green original tribe being targeted for numbers. What does make me happy is that Sam doesn’t like Jake.

If Jake goes early, I think I have a real shot of reaching final tribal council and potentially winning this season


So a decent amount has happened since the last confessional. At the moment I'm in a very good position I reckon, I'm not considered as the goat but I'm not considered as the threat to get out ASAP. I really like this position. Atm the people I trust the most are Nicole and Aston. Also someone who could be super good to work with is Charlie who I have loved playing with in previous seasons. Trey leaving was sad because he was a very close ally but if I'm honest he did have to go sooner or later because he would have done some serious damage let me tell you. But yeah I think the KIWI alliance could work but I see Aston targeting Nicole sooner or later so it might not work as I would like it to. I think Yan could be a good person to work with but he still might want revenge over a previous game! More updates coming soon.


woot woot I made merge <3 Sad I had to lose Gabe n Trey along the way but I feel pretty good going forward. 5 original Danan still standing has me kind of worried it could put a target on our back but I'm in a group of 5 with Devon, Sam, Charlie and Nicole and they believe we can get a few of the inactives along with us so nothing could happen soon.


Day 21


Krakatoa EP 8-1


Day 22

It's about 4 and a half hours before the first merge tribal council, and I feel pretty good about it going in. I didn't expect it to turn into this, because a lot of planning legitimately went into this, but it just became OG Pewatan and Rakkata vs OG Danan. Kinda strange, but sometimes that's just the way things work. I have no doubts that this group of 6 created between me, Nicole, Bradley, Aston, Tom and Refa will work out, because it's absolutely in none of our best interests to keep BSam and potentially let him dominate. This is so weird, I feel like I have 3 people that are incredibly loyal to me, but I can't start to get cocky about it. Bradley, Aston and Nicole I feel like are all incredibly loyal. Charlie and Elizabeth have expressed a lot of interest in working with me but I'm gonna have to go behind them this round, because it doesn't benefit me to get rid of Tom at all. By keeping Tom I can prove to him that I'm not just out for petty revenge, and maybe we can actually work together here. Fun times ahead, buckle up buckaroos.



Krakatoa EP 8-2