The Super Idol is a type of Hidden Immunity Idol that can be used after the votes have been read. In this mechanic, all the votes the user received will be negated, and the person with the next highest number of votes will be eliminated instead. This creates a scenario where the group which originally had the fewer votes gathered during Tribal Council gain control of that vote.

The downside however is that it is almost impossible to counter without a split vote plan: with the knowledge of the castaway being voted out is known, the voting side who has the super idol has full control of who is going to be voted out, as they know where the majority votes will go, negating their power with the idol.

Super Idol History

Season Found By Played On Flushed? Victim Vote Count Notes
S4Logo CharleyS4Dangrayne
No! CatherineS4Imayami
6-2 Located in different areas of the Gardens, there were 4 idols hidden within the garden mazes. If desired, 2 idols were able to be combined together and create the Super Idol. On Day 30 tribal, Charley played her two idols after the votes were read to save Eddie.
S7Logo S7NadineCinnanie
No! S7DwayneGermanotta3395
3-3 A new twist of Exile Island came to play with the Crypt of Secrets. When a reward challenge was complete, one person from the winning tribe(s) would send one person to the Crypt where they will be exiled from the rest of their tribe and will rejoin them in the upcoming immunity challenge. When Nadine was exiled she found a Super Idol called "The Medallion of Bra" and used it at the Day 31 Tribal Council to save herself from a 3-3 revote.
S10Logo AnthonyS10Eatemuptigs
Yes! EmilyS10Smiledr
5-2-2-1 One Super Idol was hidden at each of the starting tribes. Anthony found Arlow's Super Idol and held onto it until Day 27's Tribal Council, where he was forced to use it due to the tribe wanting to flush it.
Yes! NatalieS10Leelong2012
2-2-1 One Super Idol was hidden at each of the starting tribes. Aidan found Dunbrody's Super Idol and held onto it until Day 39's Tribal Council, where he was forced to use it due to Tate/Dalton/Tara wanting to flush it.


  • The Super Idol is often criticized by players and viewers, calling the item "too powerful."
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