The Goats Alliance
Survivor Alliance
Members Members
Shea (Day 33-39)
Jennifer (Day 33-39)
Nathan (Day 33-39)
Ally (Day 33-38)
Day Formed Day 33
Enemies Aaron
Lowest Placing Member Jennifer(3/22)
Highest Placing Member Nathan (Sole Survivor)

The Goats Alliance is an alliance on the merged Pawnee tribe in Survivor: Jamaica.

The alliance was formed late in the game after Shea's return from Redemption Island once the three members decided they could not beat the other 6 left in the game. Their plots were successful and the three reached Final Tribal Council together.



The formation was quickly created in unison by the three due to their general perception as goats. Shea for being too manipulative, Jennifer for being to anti-social, and Nathan for being perceived to be dragged by Ally.

Together they took out the last 3 remaining threats to win the game in succession and secured themselves a spot at the Final Tribal Council.

Final Tribal Council

At Final Tribal Council, The jury lambasted the three for playing mediocre games and taking out the more deserving candidate, Ally, who worked with the trio, at Final 4. Nathan was seen as just an extension of Ally, Shea was called out for his harsh manipulation tactics and being voted out, and Jennifer was seen as inactive.

Overall, Nathan was seen as the lesser of three evils and was crowned Sole-Survivor in a 7-3-0 Vote, with his decent social game and decision to cut Ally being rewarded by the Jury.


The Goats Alliance is arguably one of the more successful alliances, with all three of their members making it to Final Tribal Council, despite all of them being seen as weak/unsuccessful players during their season.


  • The name "The Goats Alliance" seemed fitting to them as they were all perceived to be goats for their own reasons.


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