Day 10

THE VOTE WENT THE WAY THAT WE PLANNED. I was super scared when I saw my name came up and thought that might be the end for me but the Kiwi Petting Zoo kept strong which I really like. The zookeeper is staying loyal and us kiwis are not trying to escape. It does make sense though because we are the most active people in our tribe so it makes sense that Liam who was not active at all should be voted out of the game. So yeah hopefully we win the next challenge or else it probably will be Rexxy going home. He put my name down so it shows that he will be happy to put it down again so it is looking like he will be the next to go if we do lose. Which we hopefully will win for sure. I did awful in the challenge but hopefully the others can carry me.


Day 11

Krakatoa EP 4

Krakatoa EP 4


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