• Well shit, this is it.

    Gentlemen of the jury, I just want to say I'm humbled to be here in this position. I didn't think I would ever get to the end of a survivor game after so many failed attempts. I've always been the 'interesting early boot' that gets kicked out pre-merge and it sucks so much to be a loser. The (4) I put in the bottom left hand corner when I wrote all of your names down was a way to remember how I've played this game four times and how I was going to learn from those failures and be the best version of myself.

    This season though, I was able to not only overcome my personal demons, but I managed to overcome all of you. You seven people that are going to decide the outcome of this season are extremely smart and talented players, that had to be taken out early because any one of you would have sat next to me and won the game.

    What got me this far was a 'strike first' mentality that I'm sure upset and disappointed a lot of you. I was shocked early on when no one wanted to vote out the inactives. The votes weren't there to vote out a Dean or a Joaquin early merge, so I went about getting out who I thought was most dangerous to my game each round.

    Johnny had to be first because he was distant and uninterested in working with me despite having a ton of past history with me in prior games. If you ain't with me, you're against me.

    Hunter was the guy that seemed like he could win every immunity all the way to the end. Great guy, likeable, but since this season was so heavy on flash games I had to get him out before he came close to the finish. He would have destroyed me in those last three challenges.

    Aidan was in my opinion, the best player of the season. His head was always in the game, and he even made diagrams showing where he thought each vote would go. I purposely kept information from him so that he would never see the Hunter vote coming, and after that he never suspected me to be the one that flipped. I'm so glad he got a chance to return because he deserves it.

    The Dominick vote was unfortunate, he really wasn't supposed to go but the self vote made it impossible to save him, even with the advantages that were in play. Another super likeable guy, would have gotten a lot of jury votes!

    As soon as we reached final 6, the game was all about which power players could move their pawns to the end. Greg, Matt, and I had a mutual respect for one another but we all knew shit was going to hit the fan. I secretly flipped Pat to my side because he knew he was on the bottom, and then I dug super deep to ensure that I would be wearing the immunity necklace.

    At the final 6, I was really unsure whether I had the votes to blindside Matt or Greg. I chose to test Greg's loyalty to me by telling him I was going after Matt. Of course, he leaked, which allowed me to switch the target and caused Matt to waste his idol. Unfortunately for Greg, his own ally Dean forgot to vote and caused him to go home with no revote.

    Final five was Chris vs Matt- an epic showdown to see who wanted immunity more. I spent over two hours playing that dang flash game just so that nobody could even think of sending me home. No matter how much Matt scrambled there was no way I was gonna let him have another chance to beat me out for immunity.

    Final immunity was something I took very seriously, even though I trusted Pat and Joaq I knew their smartest play would be to put me on the I went ahead and spammed the hosts all day long with every photo I had. The feeling of finally getting to the end was euphoric. I chose to vote off Dean because he was never really there in the first place.

    So here I am, my game is complete and it's up to you guys to judge whether I deserve to win Survivor. I played an extremely aggressive game and know I stabbed a lot of backs. You guys get a chance to grill me and I hope you give me some tough questions, and I'm excited to answer them. This experience has literally been a fantasy for me, and I hope we can all make up and be friends after the confetti falls.

    "You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain" -Batman

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