• Hello Jury!

    I made a brief video explaining to you all why I feel like I deserve the big win. I hope you all watch it all the way through so that questions you may have can be answered.

    Patrick's Survivor Russia Final 3 Speech-3

    Patrick's Survivor Russia Final 3 Speech-3

    Highlights of my gameplay:

    The most personal growth as a player. I learned to not fight or cause drama, but rather sit making decisions in the shadows while others did the heavy lifting for me. 

    • Played smarter, not harder
    • Never the target
    • Always on the right side of the vote
    • Never needed to win a single challenge to stay
    • Played the middle between the OhMyMyAkon alliance and 'showmance' with Chris
    • Relayed info between the two groups as needed to ensure who I wanted to go went
    • Played UTR to get myself to the end, did not attempt to bring two 'goats'
    • Im sitting here so I must have did something right

    Love you all! Thank you hosts and players for a GREAT season!

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