• I still can't believe I'm here, F3 wasn't a plan when Liam sent that thing to me, I just said, okay I'll be playing some days and then I'll be out, buuuuuuuutttt I'm here guys, I must said, I had a lot of fun :^) Chris is a really cool guy (Fuck you Chris I'll win <3 Jk) and most of the guys I know we're kicked some time ago, so.... I guess I'll avenge them :^) I guess I should win because I dedicate most of the time I can use a computer doing things for this (But I suck most of the time like in the memes one 😂😂😂) I met a lot of sick guys, and Malik was one of the best guys I met here (and Chris, but Malik is my fav bish <3), I must say too, thanks Liam for sending me that thing, thanks for giving me an opportunity here <3 And thank you for reading this cool thing ;) Have a nice day friendos, les saluda su amigo español, Ticci/Joaquín

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