• Welcome one and all the burning of Gregory! Or is it the burning of the finalists? Regardless, once this speech is over, all 3 of you will receive third degree burns and I will be arrested for arson. My plan is flawless, and none of you can stop me!

    Chris - I honestly have no idea if you were manipulating me, or if we were manipulating each other. Voting Dominick over you at the final 7 was a huge mistake for so many reasons, but I am glad to see you here. You had a good amount of control over the game (I'll be taking credit for that), and you had a strong challenge performance, especially at the end. I enjoyed our time together waiting for the moment that I could vote you out with a special parchment (THANKS PATRICK). One part of your game that confused me was the fact that you voted out a ton of your tribemates, making yourself vulnerable to vote you out if you didn't happen to be better than the rest in the challenges (THANKS PATRICK AND CHRIS). I'm not trying to discredit your wins, since they reflect the effort you put in the game (for the most part), but if you were voted out once we gained majority, you would've brought it on yourself.

    Questions for Chris:

    1. Was there a method to your madness in the last point of my speech for you?

    2. How dare you not call me, the greatest person in existance, the best player this season?

    3. Is there an active eliminated player whose back doesn't have one of your knives in it?

    Joaquin - Honestly, there's not much I can say about you. You were just there for most of the season. You weren't very good at challenges, you were pretty quiet, and strategy discussions went nowhere. However, there was one positive thing about our interactions (most of the othet stuff was neutral), and that was the conspiracies. You know what I'm talking about. Your speech also didn't really do anything to convince me to vote you, since from what I could tell, your only point to make me want to vote you was cancelled out by a comment at the end of it.

    Questions for Joaquin:

    1. You didn't submit a Rite of Passage, so since Matt and Chris did one, I'd like you to do one as well? (The question mark is to keep it a question)

    2. Is there anything you did to control your fate in the game? If so, what is it?

    3. Reveal the deep dark secret of every juror here.

    Patrick - I'd just like to start with by apologizing for being too lazy to watch your video. If there're any explanations for questions or points in my speech, then you are free to ridicule me. You were probably the only player I 100% wanted at the end with me, and it's not for the reason you might like it to be. I saw you as the member of Omymyakon who I didn't have a good reason to vote out. I didn't see you as a big enough threat to vote you out for that reason, but you weren't a big enough goat to keep more deserving players over you. I saw your game as average. In my eyes, you just voted whoever I said to vote without much discussion (which was likely a mistake on my part), and perception is reality in this game.

    Questions for Patrick:

    1. Look at Joaquin's first question? (Look at the parentheses after Joaquin's question)

    2. Is there anything definitive that shows you weren't just a floater in the alliance? (Just a note, talking with others about the vote only counts if you had an influence in who they (or he) wanted out)

    3. If Matt had won immunity at the final 6, would you have still voted me, or would you have switched to Chris? Explain your reasoning.

    Requests for all 3 of you:

    1. Stroke my ego.

    2. Do something for the hosts to make up for putting up with all of us.

    3. Do something to ruin what you just did for 2.

    If you could decipher this speech, you've already won, even if you don't receive my vote, or the majority. Good luck!

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    • Hi Gregory I answer those questions all in my video speech to the jury. You are mentioned a few times with how I recognized you and Chris as the leaders and made sure to play off of that in more ways than one.

      This is also a bit more in depth that I posted originally on Aidans thread:

      Every week I was part of a big move. My voting record shows I always knew who to target because I would get information from all sides. My strategy for getting people was a 'target placement' strategy in which I would push another into player into the spotlight (Johnny, Dom, Hunter) while remaining in the shadows myself. When that was not possible I also would plant  a seed about a dangerous player (Matt, Aidan) with one of the minions of Chris / Greg, the minion would take that info back to Chris/ Greg and then those two would essentailly pitch it back to me.  And all I had to do is smile and nod in agreement while getting my all the time.  I had a hand in every vote off I was a part of, I was just smart enough not to take the fall for it. I've played a stealthyand UTR game through & through. By keeping my finger on the pulse of the tribe I knew which leader (Chris/Greg) to send which information to get my job done. I also played a direct hand in getting out Dusk & Toon pre merge as well

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    • Narsys wrote:

      I also played a direct hand in getting out Dusk & Toon pre merge as well

      Wait, didn't Dusk get medically evacuated?

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    • Greg! Finally I'm off work and can get around to your speech.

      First things first, I always had numbers, regardless of who was going home. I was never colorblind in this game and knew full well that as soon as you guys thought you had the numbers you were going to try and make a move. I would have been a great target at f7 but even then you wouldn't have had the votes to eliminate me, since Pat was my number, not yours, and Dom was already on a penalty vote. Patrick wasn't on board with voting for you at f6 in the event of a tie, but I worked my social game, convinced him to stick to the plan, and from there I had a core three that got me all the way.

      I figured I'd get myself in some hot water by complimenting Aidan's game. The thing is, you were smart enough to never share your game with me.  Every time we talked, it seemed as if you were baiting me to say someone's name, to get away saying as little as possible. I've never before played with someone that handled information so delicately, I got the feeling you were only willing to touch me with a ten-foot pole. You made great bonds with everyone else on both sides, and we even made a deal to take one another to the F7, but it was crystal clear from my perspective that you were going to be a thorn in my side. You and Matt were by far the most well rounded players on Omymyakon- I'm saying that because you had a great social games to compliment your skills in challenges (as opposed to some people that proudly threw comps :P) and had you outdueled me you'd have had a cakewalk to the end. I think you're an extremely self-aware player, you took full advantage of inactive players for your own benefit, and there's so much to you that I just didn't get to see because we were enemies.

      As for your last question, if there was anyone on the jury that actually saw his elimination coming, it'd probably be Dean. To successfully blindside nearly every player in the game is, in my opinion, a major accomplishment, because it means I won the war of information, I outfoxed the crafty players, and I managed to convince Pat that his only path to the end was with me, and not with you. Seems like you were extremely thirsty for my blood, so hopefully you'll see how important it was that you had to get voted out when you did, otherwise it'd be me writing you a jury speech.

      Greg, you are a fantastic player, and you pushed me to play the most aggressive game I possibly could. I'm so thankful that we were able to bond and that I honored my deal with you, and I really hope you'll vote for me to win this season. You're a really cool guy and we'll be in touch postgame. And most importantly, you may consider yourself a flop, but you played one hell of a game. Cheers, bud.


      Oh!! PS: I'm going to probably visit Malik irl at some point and give him a piece of my mind. You and I can come up with a way to prank him or something!

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