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    Welcome Final 4 to your next immunity challenge.

    First thing is first Seamus. I gotta take back the immunity necklace.


    Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Ready for your next challenge?

    Today, we're gonna be celebrating the glorious wonders of Sicily as you all experience the views, people, food and history through puzzles.

    Provided in this [link] will be 30 puzzles that will teach you about the lovely nation that has been your home for the past 35 days.

    You're thinking, how are we to win this immunity then? Well it is simple. Complete all 30 puzzles.

    Each puzzle is unique in its shape, form and image. It can be the standard jigsaw puzzle piece to square pieces. From rotation to no rotation. Or from 4 simple pieces to 200 harder pieces.

    Your task if you want a spot in the Final 3, send screenshots of your completed puzzle.

    You need to show the time on the corner of your screen. PICTURES OF YOUR SCREEN WILL NOT COUNT. It has to be screenshots.


    You need to complete the most puzzles in the allotted time we give you, and that is 24 hours

    If more than one person does all 30 puzzles, we will go to a tiebreaker in the form of answering this simple question.

    Without going over, how many puzzles were completed by the Final 4 ALTOGETHER?

    The tiebreaker number must be sent before the 24 hour mark or else your challenge submissions WILL NOT COUNT

    24 hours from now will mean that this challenge will be done at 12:15 AM EST on the 28th of October.

    You want a guaranteed spot in the Final 3? These puzzles are your obstacle from claiming that immunity necklace, which is the key to the Final 3.

    With that...

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