• I have the results!

    Only two players managed to complete all 30 puzzles. And those two are...

    Danielius and Seamus!!

    Ben, Hudson, with only 11 and 3 puzzles finished respectively, yoi are out of the running for this challenge.

    As stated earlier, in the event of a tie, you were to also submit a guess of the total number of puzzles completed by everyone overall.

    You both went over the correct answer of 74. But one of you got DANGEROUSLY close....

    With a guess of 75, beating a guess of 97...






    Seamus! Congratulations, with this around your neck, you have once again won yourself immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final 3. A well deserved win.



    Gentleman, you know what that means. Tribal council tonight where after Thirty. Five. Days. Someone's dreams will be crushed. I'll give ya some time to think about who that will be and who will become the SEVENTH member of our jury. See you all tonight.

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