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    I never had a chance to meet you, but it's unfortunate that you had to quit for personal reasons. I hope everything is okay!


    Koror ORG enemy! The guy that I voted out for the second time, when we wanted to be buddies in another ORG we play! Welp, Ryan was going, but you had to throw a shade at Christina, which was your biggest mistake and downfall.


    We haven't talked that much, because I had a stronger bond and an alliance with Jay and Dan, but you seemed like a nice guy! Good luck in future seasons!


    Jasooooooooon! Goddammit! Another Koror ORG contestant, my buddy! It was soooo sad to see you voted out like that ! Right before the tribe swap! I think we could repeat Mexico season alliance if you would've been here!


    Didn't have a chance to talk to you, but from conversations with other people, you seemed like a strategic guy and a great player, but unfortunately the first victim of the tribe swap!


    I don't know how, but we just clicked from the beginning of the tribe swap. I know that you are a great social player, but I think it was more than that and I hope we can play together in a future season again! It was devastating to see that you got idoled out instead of me, but maybe I wouldn't be in the f3 if I sticked like a glue to you. Thanks for conversations, support and help at the tribe swap! You are a great guy!


    I don't use the word QUEEN a lot, but let's make this an exception. ERIN YOU ARE A QUEEEEEEN! Got fucking called out by you in the tribe chat and all of that was an act to make yourself a target! OMG! Such a beast! Maybe it was too early to go all in in pre-merge, but I think that was more than worth it! I'm rooting for you in every ORG I see you play! From the biggest enemy to a god in half a second!


    The first victim of the messiest merge I've ever participated. You wanted me gone, I wanted you gone. I don't know why that happened, but I guess you thought I had to much power in Naxos tribe. Welp you didn't live enough to see a loooot bigger player than me (for sure). I hope everything is alright and although you blocked me and your last message was "Fuck you" I hold no hard feelings against you and I hope you don't too. Best of luck!


    Maaaaaaaaan... I had to vote vs my greatest ally of the game... I'm sorry Dan, we ended up on a different sides of the barricade and you were seen as a big threat. We had a great relationship in our Naxos tribe and in the first vote of the merge, but after you voted Seamus and not Christina everything fell apart. I do not regret my decision, but I hope that you don't hold any grudge against me. You are a great player and I don't know what would happen if you weren't voted out that vote. Have fun in another ORG's, I hope we can play again and I hope you started LIS second season already! :D


    Meuw! Very funny right! Challenge beast and a good social player as well! I'm happy that I ran from your and Alissa alliance that vote, because I saw that I had no influence of the vote. We had nice conversations and good couple of votes, but Andrews idol got that our new formed alliance wanted. Really good game, but in my opinion you made yourself a target too early. Best of luck in another ORG!


    My biggest enemy and greatest friend! :D Ohh man, where do I even start with you, Andrew? You screwed me over, then I did, then you again. We were kinda working together, but at the same time fighting against each other. Like I said it was a love/hate relationship between us. When your head was on chopping block, I made a move and finally formed a true alliance with you, eventually helping you to idol out Hedger. It's sad that after we got together, you immediately got voted out, but I'm happy that at least we had one vote when we could work together. You are a great guy and I hope we can play together in the future as well.


    Another Naxos buddy! It's strange situation with you. You played a good game before the merge, had an alliance, great scores at challenges, but when the merge came, you kinda just went behind of the shadow. Maybe that was your strategy to stay UTR, but that didn't work out too well. I think this ORG wasn't just meant to you, cuz I know that you can show more, than you showed here in this season. I hope to see a great game of you in the future seasons!


    Snaaaaaake! But a good snake! Tho I think you are a great guy irl and we had good conversations, but you are a snakeish type of player in this game. I can't wrap my head around how amazing you need to be to evade getting voted out till the f6, when you were the one who was on the chopping block at the first vote of this merge! Amazing player and a good person. Tho with Matt I felt like he's my friend. with you I felt like you are a friend who can stab you in the back at any second. Amazing game, Mackie, but one mistake, that I will talk about later!


    Alissaaaa! Though we had some votes against each other, I felt like I could trust you the most, that I would even go rocks for you at that Dan vote. You are an amazing human being and a social player. Without your help I would be the one voted out instead of Jay. I'm glad that I struck a conversation with you after Andrew got voted out! I can't thank you enough Alissa! Great game, never UTR! I hope to play with you again!


    I said this to you, but I will repeat this again. You are a god. I can't believe that you made Ben vote for me instead of voting you! Wow, I couldn't believe, when Seamus told me that Ben voted vs me! Really good game Hudson! Not so OTT as Mackie was, but not so UTR as Ben is. Right in the middle to appreciate your gameplay, but don't wanna vote you out yet. So close to FTC! Ehh... You are such a good guy! We had a good relationship as well! I hope we can play together in the future! Good luck, Hudson!

    In the end I want to thank everyone who took part in this amazing season! Without you guys, this season wouldn't be so messy and awesome! Thanks for playing!!

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