• Anna- I was a little upset when you quit. I understand why you did with college and all, but if you knew you were going to be busy with college, you shouldn’t have applied. No shade.

    Aaron- You are someone who I never met or spoken to before, so I really don’t know what to say here. I mean it seems like you were really thrilled about playing based on the comments you made on the post about the Sicily cast being selected. I’m assuming you got eliminated because you didn’t make strong bonds with people, but what do I know, I wasn’t even on your tribe.

    Ryan- You know Ryan I like your name. I know it’s common and all, but it’s still a nice name. In real life I have a friend named Ryan, and he can sometimes be an asshole, so I hope you aren’t an asshole like my friend is.

    Jason- JASON, you remind me so much of myself in these games except that you are extremely kind. You tried to make bonds with your tribe mates, but unfortunately, the conversations you had with me didn’t really go anywhere. It usually stayed at the “small talk” level. That’s why you were voted off. At least, that was my reason. I do however really hope you can return to a future season. Drew said he enjoyed hosting you, so I really think you have a great chance. Better chance than me, so that's why I gotta win this fucking shit. But yeah, you were kind and nice. Don’t change.

    Bronson- Okay, so I’m going to be honest here. I thought our conversations were really boring. I mean it isn’t your fault or my fault. We didn’t connect at all, so it was basically like a “How are you doing?” festival between us. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had the same experience, because mackie flipped to the side I was on and voted you. Also, Alissa, and Daniel didn’t really get a real connection with you either. I mean I think that’s what they said. I’d have to look back at my messages, but like it’s late here and I just got off work and I want to get this shit done, but let’s just say it’s true bc it makes me look better. The way you went out though was like hella iconic though, so yay.

    Matt- Matt you want to know what I like about you? Your personality. The convos we had were just so fun and silly. I enjoyed them! It upset me when you told me that you never made merge. Like that is stupid as fuck, you should’ve made merge this game, but Erin wanted to be cute, and play her idol. I wish she chose someone else to idol out like Seamus, but nothing can be done about it now. Good luck in Bang a Rang, hopefully you can finally make merge there.

    Erin- OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally never talked to you bc we were on different tribes, but you idol’ed out someone I was close with so that really sucked. You seem like you have a big personality though. Like I see the shit you posted on the bbuk game you were in. Shit had me dying of laughter. I wish you were more like that in this game because I lowkey couldn’t stand you when we were all put into one chat after that mess of a challenge. Honestly though I’d really like to play in another season with you bc I think it’d be pretty lit.

    Christina- Daniel told me you and him were close, so I thought when we would be like an iconic trio at merge, but like we didn’t talk at all and you ended up blocking me after you got eliminated, so yeah. I guess the trio was never meant to be.

    Daniel- My MAIN MAN! I’m so glad I got to meet you like I enjoyed every conversation we had with each other. You literally made me stay up till like 2 am multiple times bc our conversations were just that GOOD.. I was able to be myself around you, something that I rarely do on the internet and in real life. We always ranted about people in this game and talked about how flat your ass is and how you can’t twerk for shit. (Just kidding <3) but seriously you were my favorite person in this game, and if I don’t win, at least I made a true friend.

    Hedger- So yeah I feel like I made things really awkward when I accused you of being one of Juila’s alias. But like you said you lived in Australia and you used the ":P" emoji like a lot and I thought when you said "not quite juila level but that’s still quite a few :P" I thought you were giving me a hint that you were actually her. Yeah, apparently that wasn’t the case. Whoopssss. Moving on from that I was annoyed by you in a game sense. Like during the Bronson vote you said the vote was Daniel when it was actually me, which I get. Don’t want to risk any idols being played, but it still annoyed the flip out of me. At merge, I tried talking game with you, but I feel you really didn’t care. I think it was bc I was being too aggressive or something, so I just decided to have general conversations with you thinking that if you wanted to talk game you’d bring it up and that never happened, but after talking with you a bit, I actually liked you. Turns out you were a nice guy. Glad I got to meet ya.

    Andrew- Oh messy Andrew. You were definitely something this game. When you didn’t vote with us at final 11 I was like whatever, I really didn’t care for Christina anyways, but when you flipped your vote in the re vote at the final 10 I was PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sent my biggest ally home. I don’t think we really ever talked about our actual lives maybe it’s bc our lives are really boring and the only exciting thing that was going on in our lives was this game. When you played your idol I was really pissed off bc I voted you and you stayed. But honestly I think you played a pretty crazy game, so I feel like the tribal you got eliminated in was a pretty satisfying end to you bc it was crazy. It was a good editing move.

    Jay- When we were put in a chat together after that challenge mess you said you liked Roblox. I also happen to like Roblox, so I thought I’d be able to connect with you at merge talking about Roblox stuff and we’d be like great allies, however when I messaged you asking if you liked Roblox, you said no, and said that you only played roblox bc it was a challenge for another org or something like that. So I was like rip. Also, I found the one or two word responses you kept giving me about it oddly amusing.

    Mackie- My other main man. Mackie you are seriously one cool dude. Like you didn’t give a fuck about ANYTHING. I found it quite entertaining when you kept saying “Fuck these people” or “these people are stupid” every time your name came up or when people were being stupid. Now when we first got swapped together I was like “YES”, but shortly after, Alissa told me that you were a liar or something like that, so I was like “Oh”, but you want to know what I did????? I DIDN’T LISTEN TO HER! I mean I first I was like questioning it bc she could be right. I mean she is usually right about a lot of things. But after awhile I was like “whatever” and I’m glad I responded that way. You were like my replacement Daniel (Sorry Dan) once he left. I mean no we didn’t talk about our asses or anything of that matter, but we did a lot of strategy talking and work talking, which wasn’t really exciting bc work sucks. Also the typo you made about Alissa was like my favorite moment of the game. I’m laughing just thinking about it now. I was COMPLETELY blindsided once you got eliminated, but had a feeling something wasn’t right since everyone else was dead silent. Hope we can play again in the future, you are just so fun to play with.

    Alissa- Why do we ALWAYS end up in the same game? It’s really hilarious Actually. Well maybe it isn’t. It’s nearly 1 am for me, so I usually find anything funny at this time of night. Anyways, we had like a really weird relationship this game. Like the whole pre merge was fine. We were like really good allies, but then merge happened and everything fell apart, but then we ended up being aligned again after two rounds of the merge. It was partly my fau- well no it was basically my fault that that happened, but that’s for a later talk. We mainly talked about school bc school sucks, so I guess us talking about it makes it better? I really don’t know. Anyways, you weren’t really different from BB11 I mean you more funny definitely. Like those stickers you posted when you were talking about Danilus And I think it was Andrew were extremely funny. (I’m referring to the Unicorn one) Also, I really liked the convos we had in that group chat (the one where we didn’t add the host until like the final 7) We talked about cats, and about how females and males are differently treated from the audience in these orgs. Good conversations. There was one thing that I really wanted to do with you and Daniel. After we switched tribes, and aligned together, I really wanted to play Roblox with the both of you all, so like we need to make it happen sometime in the future.

    Hudson- HUDSON I’m SO glad I can finally talk about you! Mainly cuz you are the last person on the damn list. Thank god this wasn’t a 20 person cast. Anyways Hudson when I first met you, you were venting to me about how analyzing poetry sucks, and you know what??? I agreed with what you were saying, but we both had different reasons on why it sucked. I think you said it sucked bc it was useless and I said it sucked bc it was hard. So I thought we were bonding pretty well until you left me on read like 20x times. Like no shade, but I was really annoyed by that. I was even more annoyed when you ignored me about the vote. I mean at least Hedger told me that he was voting Dan, so he was AT LEAST trying to be slick, while you were thinking you were being cute leaving me on read. Not.A.Fan. I mean if you don’t want to talk to someone just don’t open the message and pretend you haven’t seen it. It’s like Facebook logic 101. So when you voted me I was pissed, but after the vote you apologized and all that shit, so I was like “okay” I thought we weren’t going to speak to each other after that but Daniel said that we should start an alliance between him, you, and me, so I was like “okay” and we started working together and we stayed strong through the merge till the end! It was a pleasure working with you Hudson, you played a great game.

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