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    Welcome to your final immunity challenge.

    For the last time, Seamus, I gotta take back the necklace.


    For the last time, immunity is back up for grabs and with it being the last one, its gonna be the most important, because it guarantees your spot in the Final 2 where you will be able to plead your case to the jury on why you should win the title of Sole Survivor.

    Let's get to it shall we?

    Today you will be participating in the...


    Below are 5 tasks that will compose into your final challenge.

    Trial 1: Decoder

    You all will be solving a logic puzzle, administered by myself or one of the other hosts. You will be given a standard 20 clues and hints to begin with. This will be TIMED, so be diligent on when you want to start and how fast you solve this because it will be the difference between you getting more points than the other two.

    Your window of opportunity for this challenge will be during the SECOND set of 24 hours, meaning you cannot start this part until it reached 6:00 PM EST on November 1st

    If you score with the fastest time, it will be 5 points to your grand total. 2nd place gets 2 points. Worst time gets nothing.

    Part 2: Beauty School Dropout

    For this part of the challenge, you are to design the merge buff!

    You have the full 48 hours to submit for this challenge and you need to have these components:

    Tribe Name of Disordinato
    An Insignia that best represents the tribe

    We will have 3 judges on standby to judge you on: Creativity, Effort & Aestheticism

    If you get the most judges points, 6 points will be awarded to you. 2nd place will get 4 points while the last place will get 2 points

    Part 3: Find Your Way Out

    For this part, you are all play the flash game Hexagon

    You must submit a screenshot of your score before the first set of 24 hours is up, meaning that this part will be due at 6:00 PM EST on the 1st of November

    Keep in mind, we will NOT be taking your best overall score, we will be taking how many seconds you survived for that SPECIFIC attempt.

    Person who lasts the longest will obtain 5 points. 2nd place will get 3 points while last gets a measly 1 point

    Part 4: Sound Of Music

    You will be playing the role of a music video connoisseur and repair the costly fuck up that Gevonte and Keaton have done.

    You will be a link to a [YouTube Video] that will show you 40 music video clips that have no music to them what so ever.

    Your task is to correctly identify all 40 music video clips, and they might vary from 3 seconds to a good 8 seconds.

    Also, keep in mind. You must keep it in the same order you see them. If the clip changes that means that will be a new music video. You MUST keep track of them on your own because there are no markers or indentations that will keep the number for you. Just know that there are 40 of them.

    Another thing, when labeling the found music videos, please format it like so:

    1. "Song Title" by Artist
    2. "Song Title" by Artist feat. Featured Artist

    Some of these songs feature another artist others do not. For those that feature someone else, use the second format. If they do not feature someone else, please use the first format.

    For the person who identifies the most clips will get 8 points. 2nd place will get 4 points. Last place will get a measly 1 point.

    Part 5: Snapshot

    In this final part of the Trials you will be playing a second flash game that will be apart of the second set of 24 hours.

    You will be playing the game The Big Picture and try to get money by taking pictures of the Total Drama Action cast as they run around.

    Reminder, you cannot submit for this part until it is 6:00 PM EST on November 1st or later.

    Similar to the Hexagon game, we will be looking for your score during the current attempt that you sent your screenshot in, not your best overall score.

    The person with the most money will obtain 5 points. 2 points will go to the second place scorer and last place gets 0 points

    Alot is to be done, which is why that we will be giving you 48 hours to complete everything, meaning that everything should be done and submitted before 6:00 PM EST on the 2nd of November

    Please do take note of which is due when, because if you submit something that is not in its proper window of time, we will not accept it.

    And with that...For the last time...

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