• For the final time, I HAVE THE RESULTS!!!

    You all fought hard, but someof you fought harder. Let's see how you did!

    Trial 1: Decoder

    In this puzzle of logic, you guys struggled. And sadly, two of you did not manage to complete it and essentially forfeited the trial. As such. The winner of this challenge with a time of 1 hour...


    DANIELIUS! Dan will be earning the first 5 POINTS. Seamus and Ben, since neither of you completed the challenge, you tie for last and receive zero points.

    Part 2: Beauty School Dropout

    AaronS6Malik JamaicaMiguelES9

    Special shoutout to Robbed Aaron, Hubby Malik, and Currently competing on Great Plains (which you should totally watch by the way ;)) Miguel for judging your rather....unique buffs.

    Regardless, with a score of 60/90, beating 24/90 and a 0/90 that was NOT caused by an non submission...



    Trial Tally:
    Seamus - 6 Points
    Ben - 4 Points
    Danielius - 0 Points

    Part 3: Find Your Way Out

    In a fun game of Hexagon, the person to survive the longest with a time of 53:14....



    Trial Tally:
    Danielius - 5 Points
    Seamus - 3 Points
    Ben - 1 Point

    Part 4: Sound Of Music

    I hope you enjoyed the concert! Sadly, Ben wasn't able to attend and abstained. But regardless, it took a keen eye and a love of music to win this challenge. And our music savvy winner is...


    A TIE. You both scored 11 points! As such, you will both get the first place prize and Ben will receive zero.

    Trial Tally:
    Danielius & Seamus - 8 Points
    Ben - 0 Points

    Part 5: Snapshot

    In this Total Drama classic, you all wanted to be famous.......exceot for Ben who once again abstained. The winner of this trial...



    Trial Tally:
    Danielius - 5 Points
    Seamus - 2 Points

    That means with a grand total of 25 Points.....




    Danielius, against all odds, you have secured yourself a place in the Final 2, a spot at Final Tribal Council, and a chance to make your case to the jury on why you deserve to win this game. You also have a big decision ahead of you at tribal council, where you must decide to either take Ben or Seamus to the end with you.


    As you two, this is your last chance to convince Danielius why he should take you to the end, and not the other person. I'll give you the rest of the night to think about who that will be. Good Luck!


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