• So I’ll start off with the usual cliche and say that I didn’t expect it to make it this far. I originally applied for this org just so I didn’t end up overplaying in Mauritius. Like I literally expected to be a pre merge boot, but here I am in the finals.

    I’d first like to acknowledge that I know I played an underwhelming game to some of you, and I’d really like to think that after talking about my game and going in depth would change your opinion of that, but it might not. With that being said lets begin!

    I’m going to go vote by vote of each tribal council I was apart of. I will talk about what I was thinking then and why I was thinking that way, so lets begin with the Jason vote.

    Jason vote- This was the first time our tribe lost a challenge, and we were all very depressed by it. We were a very tight tribe, at least I felt that way. I had good conversations with Matt and Seamus(Seamus and I were allies at that time) Alissa and I worked really well last game we played together, and Jason was kind of like the outcast. I mean he tried to have conversations with us, but it never really went anywhere. Others felt the same way, and unfortunately that was what I based my vote on.

    Post swap thoughts/Bronson vote- So wow this was a crazy vote. We had just swapped, and I was in the minority with four greens (Mackie,Hudson,Hedger,Bronson) two reds (Alissa and I) and one white (Daniel). When I was looking at the swap tribes for the first time I thought it wasn’t that bad.

    Mackie and I played a previous game together (where I got first boot bc I was a mess) and I really enjoyed talking with them. We sorta just clicked. So seeing him on this tribe I thought we could work together for real this time. However, when I mentioned Mackie to Alissa she said that he was sneaky and cutthroat. At first, I was concerned, but soon shrugged it off and basically forgot about it. Daniel was someone who I immediately clicked with. We started talking for hours about random things. It was great. Eventually we aligned together and told each other everything about our games, like our relationships with everyone, who were we aligned with on our old tribes and how we felt about everyone. After we lost the immunity challenge I thought I had a good chance of going (mind you I was still unsure about mackie at this time from what alissa said about him) I thought the only way I could stay was to either try and get Hudson or Hedger to flip. I didn’t really think Hedger would go for it. He said it’d likely be me, Alissa or Daniel. I tried talking to Hudson but all he did was leave me on read. Oh, I also tried talking to Bronson as well, but he said it was too early to flip. Mackie however didn’t want Alissa or I to go. He tried putting the target on Daniel, which I really didn’t want to happen. Daniel soon found out about it, and him and Mackie ended up going against each other. I thought the only way I could stay is if Mackie, Daniel, Alissa and I voted Bronson. Bronson didn’t really talk to anyone on the tribe, and I know that Daniel wouldn’t want to vote Hudson, and I thought that Mackie wouldn’t vote Hedger, so I felt like Bronson was the only option. With 1 hour left till votes were due I brought up Bronson as the vote in the chat I was in with Mackie and Alissa. Alissa was down with it, and she was able to convince Mackie to vote that way. Dan however was very unsure about voting Bronson because he really wanted Mackie out, but he said that he would do it for me in PMs. Bronson ended up going in a 4-3 vote.

    Merge thoughts/Christina vote- I think everyone knew once we merged that things were going to be a mess and basically everyone was right, so this is going to be a pain to explain. Okay, so when Daniel and I started talking about our games, he mention that him and Christina were aligned and I told him that Seamus and I were also aligned, so our first thought was that we made an alliance of four between Me, Daniel, Christina and Seamus. However, when I asked Seamus how he liked his post swap tribe he said he hated it and said that Christina was annoying, but said he liked Jay, which oddly enough is who Daniel found annoying, so I decided to scrap that plan all together bc it wouldn’t work out. Also, Daniel started an alliance called the “Coven alliance” it included Daniel, Hudson and I. Meanwhile Daniel wanted to target Alissa and Alissa wanted to target Mackie and I was like wtf. Apparently, Alissa told Mackie that Daniel was throwing his name under the bus, which like made me REALLY annoyed. I thought that Alissa was trying to get everyone on her good side, so she can control the votes, which really made me want to vote her out. Anyways, about Alissa wanting to target Mackie, Danielus told Alissa that that he wanted an alliance of him,her,me, Daniel, Hedger, and Hudson, after hearing that Alissa went and told Mackie about it and supposedly Mackie told everyone there was a solid majority and that Alissa and I were his targets. I talked to Mackie about this and he denied it and he also said that he never mention Alissa or I as targets and I believed him. Mackie was now being targeted and I think a lot of people were on board on getting him out. I however was not, so I brought up to Mackie that we could vote Jay instead because Jay and Seamus were tight, so maybe there was a chance people would find that threatening. Not to mention Jay didn’t really talk to anyone, so I figured it’d be easy to get votes against him. I brought up the idea to Hudson and he said he liked it. I also brought the idea up to Daniel, who was a bit skeptical at first, but then decided to go with it. Mackie managed to get andrew, while that was happening Alissa changed the target back to Christina and that annoyed me. Like when she said the vote was Mackie everyone was down to vote him, when she said the vote was Christina everyone was down to vote her. I was tired of it. I just felt like I was being controlled, and that is why I didn’t tell her about the Jay vote.

    Anyways, with Christina as the target, she was easy to pull in and we had the numbers to get rid of Jay. HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR flippen Christina told Jay that he was going home, and Daniel told me that Danielous had the flippen idol, so I was like fuck. Of fucking course that happened. In the Coven Alliance Chat,we needed a new target, so I brought up Seamus (Hudson was apparently thinking the same thing) because I felt like he was trying to control me. Like Literally earlier he said “Vote Mackie” and I was like pissed bc if ur just telling me the vote and nothing else then ur just using me. So I Daniel added Me, Hedger, Andrew, Mackie, and Hudson to this chat and we tried coming up with a consensus on who to vote. In the end we said Seamus, but Hedger (Predictably) and Andrew flipped and Christina was sent packing.

    Daniel :((( vote- So after that whole mess that happened last vote I decided to tell Alissa what happen and what I thought of her and she basically said “Are u fucking serious you fucking idiot” but in a nicer way. From what she told me she wasn’t even going after Mackie in the first place, people came to her, so I was like oops. Anyway I wanted to try and build back the relationship I had with her b4 this mess. Meanwhile on the other side Daniel wanted to target Alissa, and I didn’t want that bc I just made up with her. The other side from what I heard wanted to target Daniel, and basically the rest of the round was Daniel vs Alissa. What I wanted to happen was that we would go to rocks, so both Daniel and Alissa would stay safe. I really wanted an alliance of 3 between Daniel Alissa and I, but andrew flipped and voted Daniel, so that was the end of that.

    Hedger vote- Okay wow this was a mess. So there was a chat made between Hudson, Mackie and I. Seamus apparently came up to Mackie and said that he wants to split up Alissa and Hedger. At this time us 3 thought that Seamus was controlling the votes, but both Mackie and Hudson said that they are sticking with voting Hedger because they thought that we could get Alissa on our side after that, but I didn’t think that would happen. I tried pushing for Seamus to go bc like I said earlier I thought he was controlling the votes, so I decided to tell Alissa about what Seamus told Mackie hoping to get her to vote him. At first it worked and soon Seamus got caught as being hella messy and shady and at one point the majority of people wanted to vote him, but later things came up and it didn’t happen. It wasn’t looking good for Mackie. Seemed like the majority was voting for him. I tried again to get the votes on Jay thinking that it’d be easy, but it didn’t work bc he was a number to the otherside. About a few hours before the vote Alissa told Hudson that they were going to vote Andrew and wanted us to vote with him, while Seamus pulled Mackie and I in a group chat and tried to convince us to vote Hedger. In the end, I decided to vote Andrew bc I felt like I could trust the side I was on more. Didn’t see really any point of flipping at that vote. However, an idol was played, and the other side got their wish and Hedger was gone

    Andrew vote- Okay, so there was a newly formed alliance between Alissa, Hudson, Mackie and I, so it was 4v4. The auction came up, and we were lucky enough to get the better advantages.

    I spoke briefly to Hudson about getting Alissa out bc I felt like she was the biggest threat at the time and her having a big impact last vote didn’t help, but I knew if we were to vote her out we would be down in numbers. Honestly, I was kind of annoyed when we listened to Alissa and Hedger last vote. I hate listening to people. I wanted to do my own thing, so I told the other side that Andrew was the vote. Yeah, not the best way to rebel against an alliance. I ended up getting voted bc they thought that if we did have an idol they wouldn’t play it on me.

    Jay vote- So after getting voted I decided just to stick to my to my side. No point in flipping or anything. Wouldn’t do me any good. Jay was brought up as the vote bc Jay and Seamus were tight so it’d make more sense to vote jay rather than Dan.

    Mackie vote- At this time I decided that I know if I go with Mackie and Hudson to the final 3 I’d loose, so I told Seamus that I’d flip to him and Dan at the final 5, so we could take out both Hudson and Mackie. Originally, I thought the vote was going to be Alissa because Hudson, Mackie and I decided on that earlier, but I got #Blindsided and Mackie was gone.

    Alissa vote- This was obvious to everyone.

    Hudson vote- Okay, so at this time I knew this would be a final 2 rather than a final 3, so I knew that if I voted Hudson with Seamus and Dan I wouldn’t be in a good position. I wanted to be in a position where I would be able to get to the final 2 either way. Made the same mistake in Visayas, didn’t want to make it here, so I decided to tie the vote. Hudson tried his best in the challenge, but unfortunately he went.

    In the end I think I played a fine game. I know a lot of you guys think I was just listening to people throughout the whole game and I feel like that is true for a couple of votes (mainly the final 8 and 7) but I did put effort towards this game. I came up with ideas and tried putting them out there and I tried making sure I didn’t have any bad blood with anyone. Challenge wise I could’ve done A LOT better I won a total of 0 challenges, and I didn’t even finish the final immunity challenge bc I ran out of time with school and work being a big factor. I didn’t play a flashy game I know, but I did play A game.

    Thanks for reading this wall of words.

    Can’t wait to answer your questions.

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