• Well hello there final 2! :) 

    First off, the obligatory congratulations for making it to this point.  Regardless of what is said tonight, it does take some level of skill to make it to the final tribal, especially in a game that was as bonkers as this one. 

    However, I'm not going to lie, the first word I think of when I see you two sitting there, and the seven of us jurors sitting up here, is underwhelming.

    Your speeches didn't do too much to convince me otherwise.  They were pretty much just massive blocks of text summarizing (somewhat inaccurately) the events that transpired throughout the game, and told me nothing about why YOU specifically deserve to win over your opponent.  I know what happened in round 10 or whatever, I was there, that does nothing to sway my opinion towards or against you.

    I guess my main issue is that, I don't know either of you two! Gameplay-wise, it seemed to me that you were just coasting along off of the basis of being less of a threat than pretty much everybody else that was in the game.  

    And personally, I just never got to know either of you! Danielius, you've mentioned before that you played an OTT game in other ORGs, before this one. When I heard that, I was SHOCKED, because, to be frank, a lot of the time it really didn't seem like you had much of a personality at all. I'm sure you're a nice guy and everything, but in-game, you came off as stunningly vapid. And Ben, I was aligned with you for a large chunk of this game, but I really don't know much about you except that we both dislike poetry.  And your ROP were hilarious! It really made me want to have known the REAL Ben, but you just never really opened up to me during the game.

    While I understand that it's a two-way street, I really feel the need to KNOW the person who I'm voting for to win this thing. Not just as a competitor in a game, but as a human being. So, I have a few questions to ask you guys. Yes, some of them are just ridiculous and for fun but I would still appreciate it if you answered all of them ^_^. 

    1. Tell me a little bit about yourself! What are your passions in life? What's your favorite food? TV show? Who was your first celeb crush? Anything to help me get to know you better. 

    2. Tell me why the other finalist fucking sucks.  Get NASTY. This isn't to cause drama, I just want to inject some flair into this finale, 'cause y'all's speeches were incredibly dull. Explain to me exactly why and how you played this game better than the person sitting next to you, and why you should win over them. Spill ALL the tea! 

    3. Tell me a funny joke, I need a good laugh today. 

    4. Explain in at least a paragraph (5 sentences, preferably more!) why The Queen will ALWAYS Stay Queen.

    5. Compare every juror to a renaissance-era painting. 

    Thanks you two, and good luck! :D 

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    • 2) Ben did absolutely nothing. I can't recall one move that he made himself. It's not like he tried making moves and it didn't work (like Seamus), but he didn't even do anything. Ohhh wait. He did one thing - Voted vs me at f4!!! Is that a big move that he thought he would make at the end, when he had no chance winning against you. Don't even start by saying that this was his "jury management" lol. His main man was Mackie, but even he didn't trust him at the end. He was thrash at challenges, he didn't won any individual challenges and didn't even tried at the last one. Daniel is trying to pitch an idea that being with you and Mackie, was his "jury management"? No fucking way, I don't know if he just was manipulated or literally thought that he can beat you or him at the end. So let's sum up. Thrash at challenges, thrash gameplay, thrash at reading people. The only thing that he beats me in, that he can talk. The only thing that can help him win at this final stage is his social ability, that he didn't even use in the game.

      3) Eye donut heave hey guide choke, salt eye well drought tissue bun.

      4) Because she is not dead. Elizabeth II has been a queen of the United Kingdom since 1952. 

      5) Alissa Contessa with Squid You think that you are her only squid, but she has many tentacles.

      Andrew The Last Judgment Because Andrew was a mess. <3

      Daniel San Romano Battle His vote off was a real battle. 

      Hedger Man-beast Beast in challenges.

      Hudson The Creation of Adam Because almost everyone wanted to work with you.

      Mackie Judith in the bible Always very calm, but can backstab you at any second. (This painting is too accurate)

      Seamus Jael Batshit crazy. 

      Bonus Ivan killing his son Me, when I voted off Seamus, thinking that the jury will appreciate this move, but they are saying that I had a greater chance against him (LOLOLOL)

      Thanks for the questions Hudson!!!

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    • Hi Hudson!

      Sorry for not talking to you about myself. It's hard to do since I hate talking about myself. Anyways first question:

      1. Sooo okay so currently I'm enrolled in a community college and still trying to figure out what I want to major in. I literally go see a movie at a the theater at least once a week. I also happen to work at one as well. I'm a very quiet person and socially awkward in real life and it's like really annoying. I can be sarcastic sometimes and I hate the word moist because it sounds stupid. Also, I hate how people leave their trash in their seat after a movie is over bc my ass has to go and pick it up. I absolutely love Winter. It's always so cold, and raining. Gives me an excuse to stay in bed. I have a crappy diet. Like I usually eat Chick Fil lay (I think that's how you spell it) like 2 times a week, so that is where the majority of my money goes, and uh yeah that's pretty much the basics of my life. Fun stuff.

      2. Dan really never put much effort into this game. He claims he played a UTR game, but I think that's an excuse he is using to cover up the fact that he didn't play any game at all. I do think though that I deserve to win over him. Yes, I guess my social wasn't the best, but at least I can say I have one while as Dan's is non existent. I also do believe I was better strategically. I did throw some ideas out there, and tried to execute them. Like at the final 11 I did throw Jay's name out there and tried to get it to stick, while Dan was probably questioning whether he wanted to be here or not. Also, it's funny how Dan thinks he's better than me. First off Dan I'm better than you so don't even try to like turn the tables. Second, if there is anything seamess was right about it was that your ROP's were SHIT. Like honestly you just sounded so fake in them. Trying to grasp for any word you could find. It was cringey to read not going to lie. Also, "It's not like he tried making moves and it didn't work (like Seamus), but he didn't even do anything" so you are saying that I tried making moves, but then said that I didn't do anything? Isn't trying doing something?

      3. My dad told me this one a looooong time ago. Found it hilarious when I was a kid, but not so much now so sorry if it isn't funny just can't think of anything else currently: On Halloween night a young boy who was a Pirate walked up to a house. He knocked on the door and an older lady was there to answer it. The lady glanced at the boy for a moment and noticed that he was a Pirate and then asked "Where are your bucking ears?" and the boy responded with "Under my bucking hat" If you need me to explain let me know.

      4. "The Queen will always stay Queen". What a load of BULLSHITTTTTTTTT. I'm going to have to counter this question because lets be honest here the Queen never stays Queen. Eventually, the Queen will become dethrone to an even better Queen. Sandra was the original Queen of Survivor, but everything changed once Natalie Anderson was casted. This girl man. This girl was I C O N I C. Her twin sister went first boot, and she managed to stay and slay till the end, pulling off iconic Blindsides as she marched her way to victory. It was at that moment where a new and better Queen was born.

      5. I hate comparing things so this is probably going to suck lmao. Also I'm just going to link the picture bc it'll become messy if I don't. Daniel- Cappella_brancacci%2C_Tentazione_di_Adamo_ed_Eva_%28restaurato%29%2C_Masolino.jpg Daniel (left) low key trying to touch that ass.

      Hedger- Hedger in his full cat form (I know this isn't a renaissance painting but I thought it was just too good to pass up)

      Andrew- People trying to convince Andrew (middle) on why they should vote their way.

      Alissa- Alissa doesn't eat meat, so this reminded me of her

      Mackie- Mackie trying to seduce me into voting a certain way, while Hudson stands there and rolls his eys.

      Hudson- When you realize that you have another poetry analysis due

      Seamus- Ritratto_del_Doge_Andrea_Gritti_-_Tiziano_059.jpg Seamus when I told him I was voting Daniel, and not Hudson.

      Thanks for the questions! Sorry 4talking 4ever

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    • okay I don't know how the wiki works. SOrry for the mess.

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    • "It's not like he tried making moves and it didn't work (like Seamus), but he didn't even do anything" so you are saying that I tried making moves, but then said that I didn't do anything? Isn't trying doing something?"

      Where am I saying that you made moves?

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    • Read it wrong, but still I did try making moves it just never worked out. I listed that I tried to get the vote on Jay at final 11, but I guess the vote switched to seamess bc you had the idol and everyone thought (or atleast me) you were going to play it on Jay. Im probably missing a few pieces bc apparantly I guess there was some othet shit I had no idea of that was going on. Basically you saying I didnt do anything at all is bullshit

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    • So are you saying that your biggest move was vote on Jay at f11, which didn't even succeed? You know why everyone thought that I'm going to play it on Jay? Because I added Christina to our Naxos tribemates chat and bluffed that I'm gonna play an idol on Jay, expecting a vote on myself and getting that target off Jay.

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    • Still misplaced the idol though :)

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    • I literally just noticed that the picture I used for Andrew has a phone on it LMAO

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    • Lol, nice way to escape! Yes, I did and I own up. That was my mistake, I was paranoid of the first merge vote (Being called out and shit, multiple alliances), so I took a risk and that didn't work out.

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    • My question is why Christina had to blabber to jay. Like idgi.

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    • Because she actually thought that we are getting together.

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    • A FANDOM user
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