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    Hello bitches, congrats on making it to the final 2, it is definitely an envious position to be in. This was everyone's goal at the end of the day (well almost everyone lol!) and the 2 of you are the only ones who managed to succeed. So for that I will give you all the props you want.

    Now, I am ever so sorry to admit that I'm extremely underwhelmed with this result, No matter the winner. I mean no shade because I do know you 2 must've (somewhat) worked to make it here but I truly do think almost ever juror would've been a better winner, I don't say that to discourage you or to make you feel bad about your game, i say it because I want y'all to know my exact feelings on the matter, as a juror I feel it is my duty to give my side of the story and how I viewed you guys' games not only for the other jurors but for the viewers as well. I do realize there is no way someone other than one of you 2 wins so I won't keep insisting on the whole "YOU DONT DESERVE IT!" Thing for much longer.

    Your speeches were absolute horseshit, I must say, so I'm not really gonna take either in consideration since both were... a highly inaccurate summary of the game.

    Firstly I wanna say my vote is completely up in the air, if I've ever been undecided on who to vote for it's now, I think you 2 played an almost identical game with little tweaks here and there. So I do hope you guys take this as seriously as possible knowing you both have a chance to earn my vote.

    I'll start us off with Ben.

    Hiiiii Ben ❤ first off I wanna say I absolutely adore you as a person, I think you're funny, you're definitely hard-working in your real life, I know you study and you work and you manage to also play these games which is not easy, I've always admired that about you. My issue with your game Ben, is I found it to be rather inconsistent at times. Lemme give you an example, this season, I found myself targeted by you one too many times 😂 when asked you'd answer with "I simply think you're too big of a threat and you'd win", I could respect that, the issue I had was, you didn't see that same problem with going to the end with Dan or Mackie. In my mind going to the end with either would've resulted in your loss, the fact that they somehow convinced you it wouldn't is a sign of their great social game or manipulation techniques (I would say) this leads me to believe you were easily influenced. There have been several occasions where Mackie had realized it was in his best interest to take a jab at me and you would follow, this, to me, shows that you played Mackie's game, not your own, in my mind, taking Mackie out, would eliminate the bigger threat between him and I and leave the weaker one happy with you until the next round (where I did lose the immunity) for you to boot me as well and have me satisfied with your gameplay. I didn't hold a grudge against any of these other players voting me out at the final 5, my issue with you though was, you voted against me the round before, which helped Mackie and harmed your game. It might not matter to the rest of the jury how it happened since we both ended up leaving, but I do feel like you kind of stumbled upon FTC and this (in my opinion) proves it. You also voted to keep Hudson at the final 4 when he was your biggest jury competition, which again shows me how UNAWARE you were. To put it shortly, I'm not convinced you knew what you were doing and I'm convinced you would've been more than okay going to the end with someone who would've beaten you. It's hard for me to vote for someone knowing that. What I can commend you for though is the fact that you were the only one out of the 4 to come up to me during my vote off, you did kiss my ass a little which really didn't work (it put me off actually and just made me want to not give you my vote) but you tried. Something Danielus didn't bother doing, so for that I'll give you credit.

    My questions for you are:

    1) why'd you think taking me was a bad idea (which I agree it would've) but taking Mackie would've ended up in a fair battle between you 2? (Don't try to tell me you wouldn't have I know for a fact you were planning to)

    2) did you ever consider how taking Mackie out before me would've left me satisfied when leaving after him? Or did you not care about securing a potential jury vote?

    Now on to Danielus...

    Hey Dan! Like Ben, I actually do like you as a human being. I have quite a LOT of issues with your game though. First off, you were borderline inactive, you would strike out during challenges, you would abstain, you would only really be on for 1-2 hours a day on the regular which wasn't nearly enough time to socialize with everyone, you lack self awareness (you misplayed an idol + you took the wrong finalist to the end) so that is a pretty hard pill to swallow. Reading this, you'd think im trying to insinuate Ben played a way better game, well you're wrong. Unlike Ben, you had a move I was VERY impressed by that kinda balances you guys out. I'll get into that in a sec. Your lack of interest in the game was rather obvious from the start of the merge, I'd say. You seemed to be completely out of it, you... abstained/striked out quite a few times and never really gave an explanation as to why that was so. I absolutely dreaded our conversations, I know you're a nice guy but my god Danielus, talking to you was like talking to a wall, you were completely uninterested, you didn't rlly reply back and if you did you were EXTREMELY vague. I don't like or appreciate that whatsoever, you also flip-flopped a lot when there wasn't a reason to (in my opinion) but I don't really care about that, I guess. My biggest issue however is, you took Ben to the end instead of Seamus. When I talked to you about Seamus, you said you felt you had a chance to win against him and I tried to convince you otherwise, which seemed to have worked, Hudson later on also told you Seamus was a big threat and you also seemed to believe that. It resulted in you voting for Seamus when quite frankly you would've won against him, that shows me how easily manipulated you were in the game. Both Hudson and I were in big trouble when we said what we said. OF COURSE we were gonna throw Seamus under the bus and lie, both of us were aware Seamus was not the threat you had to worry about. I actually thought it'd be easy for me to vote for you over Ben up until you had the chance to vote him off and you did not. How do I put this lightly, Ben was a carbon copy of you with a better social. He played your same game but had friends on the jury. You thought taking him to the end was smart? That to me is atrocious gameplay. Now onto the good part, the move I was impressed by. You gathered information from Mackie, came to me and told me it (which was that he wanted to strike and take me out the next round) and I used that information to talk to Hudson and get on the same page as him, which resulted in Mackie's boot. You telling me started all of that (even though most of it was Hudson and I'm work) it would've never happened without you. So congrats on initiating that. You never came up to me during my boot, so why do you expect my vote when you didn't have the social skills to try and sway me to your side back then?

    My questions for you are:

    1) why was taking ben to the end smart for you?

    2) why did you give no shits about challenges and activity in general?

    3) why should I give you my vote when you had terrible social skills and didn't even come up to me to tell me you were voting me like Ben?

    Questions for the both of you:

    1) what was your biggest move? (Other than ones I've mentioned like for Danielus)

    2) rank the jurors one by one based on gameplay (I'm giving you this question so that I can compare it to what I thought and how I viewed the game, because I am on the jury and I gathered everyone's thoughts, I wanna see how aware you are.)

    3) why doesn't the other finalist deserve it?

    4) what was your biggest mistake in the game?

    5) do you think you played the way the original tribes portrayed you as? (Example: Alissa - OTT) explain.

    That's all I have to say, hopefully you guys think long and hard of what to say to convince me you deserve the win, good luck and may the best player win.
    Goodluck bitches!

    Goodluck bitches!

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    • Hi Alissa! Sorry for the late response!

      Before I begin I'd just like to clear up the Final 4 vote. So yeah I made the desicion to tie the vote, but that wasn't based on loyalty it was more so based on that I'd get to final 2 no matter who wins immunity. Did I think I could beat Hudson at finals? At first I thought couldn't. I know the dude had a good strategic game, but I then began telling myself I could, and if there is anything I've learned in Psychology the more you tell yourself something the more you start to beleive it, so for a good short while I thought I could beat him, and I think that was something I was really oblivous too. I really didn't know how far away I was from the actual game.

      1. Okay, so I was planning on going to the final 3 (thought it was a final 3 at that time) with Mackie until the final 6. I told Seamess that I'd flip with him and Daniel at final 5 because I personally thought I stood a better chance against them rather than with Hudson and Mackie.

      2. Nope. Never considered it tbh. I knew you guys were both threats, but I thought you were the bigger threat, and I think that was obvious to a lot of people. I didn't have to be told that you needed to go. Mackie didn't conviced me of that, if anything Daniel (10th place one) was the one who made me more against you.

      1. Girl, my biggest move is your move with the least amount of effort. I guess coming up with the Bronson idea was my best move. Kind of sucks that that's all I have, but it did save me and with everyone so unsure on what to do and the time dwindling and still having names come out. I know I didn't soley make this move happen. You managed to convice Mackie to flip with us, but y'know it's something I guess.

      2. (Look at Seamess's speech)

      3. I think Daniel doesn't deserve to win bc he didn't really put much effort into getting to know anyone. He was fine stratgetically I guess, but I just feel like he failed to make any bonds with anyone and I think that is very important for the Jury. You can't just rely on a strategic game. You have to know the people on the jury, and yes I know I'd be a hyprocite if I said I knew everyone, but the fact that I got to know at least some of you, a good majoirty, while Dan didn't even bother to reply to your messeages just shows how little he cared about you guys in the game, which makes hus jury management extremly weak. Not to mention he was delusional into thinking he was aligned with people when he wasn't. He's claiming you as your greatest ally, but I don't think you feel the same way. I don't think you even saw him as an ally, but more so someone who would just talk simple game with you, which you did with mostly everybody. Another example is him thinking he was aligned with Daniel. He keeps talking about how him and Daniel were close and shit, but in reality they weren't.

      4. I think my biggest mistake was not being apart of the bigger picture of what's going on. This is what I saw from my prespective: there were 2 sides (Alissa,Me,Mackie and Hudson and Seamess,Dan,Andrew and Jay) From what I saw Andrew was targeted bc he had a very messy gameplay and just generally unpredicatable. I'm postiive there is a lot more details I'm missing for this vote, and also Jay's vote at the final 7. All I got was the name and a reason. NOthing else. I just think that I could've done something about it, maybe talk around more and see what was going on. Instead of just writing a name down on the partchment.

      5. I don't think I fit my original tribe. I didn't even sign up to be OTT actually. I was just put on that one bc I guess they needed more people on that tribe. I really didn't get into any arguments and I didn't really call anyone out, so I felt like I definitly wasn't OTT material in this game. I think the perfect fit for me would've been the UTR tribe. At least that's what I think would fit me most for this particular game.

      Please let me know if you want me to expand on anything or have any other questions. Thank you!

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    • Hey Alissa! M'kay let me answer the questions for me first.

      1) I was playing my game entirely on betryaing my allies when needed and Seamus was one of them. I thought that a big chunk of my gameplay sumarry, would be this point. This cast was full of good players, so I thought that no one would be so bitter and just see the gameplay aspect, which Seamus had. He won 3 IIC, made some moves and were looked as the leader of our alliance. That's why I took Ben, who I believe played a lot worse game than me or Seamus. If Ben would be here with Hudson, then Hudson would win easily, cuz they were in the same alliance, but he looked like he played the better game than Ben, so I thought that the same would happen if I would be here with Seamus. 

      2) What do you mean? I abstained twice. One time when we played Hold the button, because Seamus or you would go, so the winner would get to live another day and another would get voted off. Second time was at the GIF challenge, because I didn't knew a lot of those and didn't want to spoil some seasons for me (I have some I didn't watch from 20-28). Every other challenge I did better than Ben (Kanye, One more line) and when it mattered I did the challenges as good as I could do (Puzzle challenge, Tie Breaker, FIC). 

      3) Uhhh... I feel ambigous about this question. I mean you even said in your speech, that Ben's convo with you was awkward and didn't really work. Everyone knew, even you that you were going, so I felt like there was no need of telling you that or trying to comfort you. Don't think that it's an excuse that I made now, when I voted for Seamus or Hudson, I told them both, because they didn't knew and I didn't want to blindside them, when everything seemed obvious for me (If Ben didn't do anything crazy and stupid)

      Questions for both of us:

      1) Getting Hedger out, by tipping off Andrew about the vote off and making a new alliance. Bluffing about getting together with Christina at f11 and saying I would give idol to Jay. Telling Jay to give his immunity necklace to Seamus. Getting Daniel out, by going with another alliance. Getting Seamus voted off in the end. Welp and that one mentioned by you.

      2) Based on gameplay: (Honestly)

      1. Alissa

      2. Mackie

      3. Hudson

      4. Hedger

      5. Seamus

      6. Daniel

      7. Andrew (I'm sorry, I love you man, but your game was kinda a mess, idol play was great tho, better than mine LOL)

      3) Very similiar question that Hudson asked. Ben didn't play a game, he can say all he want, talk about his "jury management" (He doesn't even saying that, only Dan mentioned it in his speech), but that doesn' change the thing that the most time he didn't even knew what was going on and going with the flow. In Hudson speech he is saying that he "tried" to get Jay out at f11!!!! I mean, if it's your only move, then you for sure don't deserve to win.

      4) Misplaying an idol or not taking Seamus to the end. If I win, then misplaying an idol will be the biggest mistake and if I do not, then not taking Seamus to the finals will be. But like I said, I thought that jury of this calibre of players would judge our gameplay, which Seamus had better than mine. That's it.

      5) Yes, I think I've played a pretty UTR game. I was trying to do smth crazy when merge started, but overall I think I managed not to be threatening, but still manage to play my own game, with my own moves and convince people to vote for me at the end. 

      Thanks for your speech, Alissa!

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    • Thanks guys, a lot to take in/process! Good Luck to the both of you.

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