• Hello everyone, it is I the ruler of all things evil and bad, but you can also call me Satan. I am angry like usual, I think my therapist called me a psychopath the other day but I don’t remember. I’m not going to congratulate two goats on getting to the end bc neither of you deserve to be here more than any one person on the jury besides maybe hedger. I’m going to go point by point and explain why both of your games are trash and then I will ask questions. If you respond to anything I say other then the questions just know you will not receive my vote. So let’s begin.

    For both of you: just general thoughts, very boring human beings. Not entertaining to talk to. Um both of ur RoPs were actual shit, please go to other seasons pages and read their RoPs to learn how to do it so next time you get goated to a FTC you can make a proper one.

    Please be better at strategy in general. Like you both have to rely on it at this FTC bc neither of u had a strong social or physical game. Anyways moving on.

    For Ben: not much to say. You have a 70% chance of getting my vote. I told you to make a good opening statement and you made well something. Game wise u were not there, at least u were more active but like u had no game besides sucking off ur alliance members and not getting targeted bc of it. Thanks for ur time Ben I guess, congrats on most likely winning bc dan is actually fucking inbred.

    For Dan: hey bitch so let me throw it back to our conversation where I told you about the evil truth. The evil truth is always correct and I hope as you read my speech and Alissa’s in particular and everyone else’s that I told you the truth over and over but your game was so shitty and oblivious that you didn’t know. U were always viewed as an annoyance by people in this game and overall ur game is just as bad as bens in general but at least Ben has friends on the jury :) which you knew :) you have a chance at getting my vote I’ll be honest but first off I need an apology for you fucking up so badly that this is the position you are now in because you were ignorant about the evil truth.

    Questions for you both:

    1. This is a social game. And you two both had cancerous social games and I’m about to prove it with basic questions that the majority of this jury can get correct. Let’s begin. Question 1: what city did I move from and what city did I move to? Question 2: what does Alissa want to do career wise? Question 3: did Mackie go to college/university? Question 4: I’m all about myself and so here is another about myself, how many siblings and pets do I have
    2. Explain to me why I deserve to be in ur spot and tell me whether or not u would vote for me if u were on jury or not (I’m just curious xoxo)
    3. Order the jurors and yourself in a list of best gameplay to worst. 1= best 9 or whatever=worst
    4. Tell me which of the fights i was involved in was your favorite to watch and or be involved in
    5. I used gifs for everyone in RoP, find one that best describes me or my game (u can use multiple for bonus points bc I love gifs)
    6. Apologize to not only myself, but the entire jury for us having to even debate voting for either of you.

    Thanks everyone, have a great night :)

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    • Hello Satan, thanks for the very kind words, my ego tank has never been so full before.

      Lets get to the questions shall we?

      1a.You moved from Kansas to London. You've been working since the age of 15 to accomplish this. There, you major in International relations. 1b. I'm not sure what Alisa wants to do career wise. I know she is a fan of art and make up I think, and I also know that she loves movies, so possibly one of those businesses. Not to sure 1c. Mackie went to college, but I believe he dropped out because he was busy with work. I do know though that he wants to become a rapper. He has even made some of his own songs! 1d.So like I literally don't know how many pets or siblings you have. Like I'm assuming you have like 12 cats. I mean you seem like someone who would have a lot of those, and I'm guessing you have 1 younger sister and 1 older brother. You just seem like you'd be the middle child.

      2. You deserve to be in my spot because your strategic and challenge game was miles better than mine, if it was between you and Danielus I'd vote dan bc at least he is likable.


        8. Me
        9. Dan

      4. I enjoyed the argument you had with Alissa. It was fun seeing you get called out.


      you when things didn't go your way

      6. Okay listen bitch I am not going to apologize to you or the jury. You may be a juror, but that doesn't make me your fucking puppet so go take that little request of yours and shove it up your ass!

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    • Literally why is the wiki so fucking complicated.

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    • 1) 1. From Kansas to London.

      2. She is studying psychology, but she wants to become a make-up artist.

      3. No, he didn't.

      4.  2, older sister and a younger brother, I think you have a bird and a cat.

      2) Yes, you played a better game than me, tho by the jury speeches I guess I would win against you. I would vote for you if you were at my spot, told that countless times.

      3) 1. Alissa

      2. Mackie

      3. Hudson

      4. Hedger

      5. Seamus

      6. Danielius

      7. Daniel

      8. Andrew 

      9. Ben

      4) The one when I voted you off. Hahaa jk. The one after we voted Hedger out. That was pretty funny, when we got called out!

      5) Your whole game :D


      6) Nah fam. I can apologize for one thing though. Maybe taking you to the finals would be a better idea, because I didn't thought that jury would even consider Ben as a player worthy to win. I guess you were wrong and right at the same time! 

      Thanks for your speech, Seamus!

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