• Hey guys. Congrats on making F2. Your speeches sucked and I mean I don't really have to repeat the fact that it's a pretty lack-lustre ending to what was such a great game.

    Danielius, you just straight up annoy me. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. Strategically, I don't know what you were really doing either. Why would you not take Seamus to the end? His jury management was god damn awful and if you didn't realise that was your best shot at winning this game, I really don't know what to tell you.

    Ben, I don't really have that much negative to say about you. I never really connected with you but I do wish I had tried a little harder to get along with you on a personal level. But anyways, back to business. You really haven't given me any reason to vote for you to win. I don't think you've done much at all in this game deserving of the win and at certain points on the jury, I was certain you were going to prove me wrong and that I just had the belief that I was underestimating your game majorly, however you just haven't been able to live up to those expectations, I'm sorry to say and I don't think anything you'll really say now will change that. However, with that being said, I think you did more than Danielius in that regard so you probably have my vote at this stage.

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    • I'm annoying, because I voted off all of the jury members ( except for Andrew), so maybe that's the issue you have with me, idk. I thought that you would compare our gameplay, that Seamus had better than mine. Consider this and my other answers as my pitch for you. I know it's hard to vote for someone who screwed you over, when you lost IC, but just consider it objectively.

      Thanks for your speech!

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