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    It’s your gurl Libra Thompson, 1st member of the jury and legend of bb10, reporting for Jury duty lel

    I’d like to say a big thank you to Liam, Gevonte, Jenna, Dusk, Keaton and Adrian for putting together a good season (it did take some time but my ass got to sit back on jury so YOLO). It was a pleasure to get to play and I genuinely my time in the game.



    Now even though I was the first person on the jury I do have the unique position of being the only other naxos on the jury so I do actually have some unique perspective on Danielius as I did go to two tribals with him and he unfortunately has been in the dark about a couple things that I will address now.

    On the original Naxos tribe it is correct that I was probably the most active member on that tribe and it is also correct that I was in an alliance with Jay and Danielius. The issue here is that I had 0 loyalty to that alliance and that I was ready to backstab that alliance as early as the 2nd tribal as Christina and Myself had formed a final 2 and were ready to get rid of Jay at the 2nd tribal we attended.  The alliance was really just something convenient that was presented to me as a safety precaution and was something that I only stayed loyal to in hopes that it’d help me down the road. Clearly that didn’t work as Christina was the first boot of merge (Thanks Cat and Flip flopper) and I was then booted afterwards (Once again, thank you flip flop flipper bitch) ❤ 

    There’s also something else I need to clarify to you, Danielius, and that is I don’t feel like you were my “closest ally” Nor do I know you can say that I was your closest ally because I do not feel like you made any sort of effort to look out for me after 1 vote of not working with you are ready to write my name down.

    Yes I was not being truthful and yes it’s a two way street when it comes to communication but I think that if you thought that I was your closest ally after minimal conversation that that it says a hell of a lot about your social game with everyone in this game.

    Am I asking you to kiss my ass? Hell nah. I’m sure that’s the expectation with some people on this jury, but to me, social game is being able to stimulate someone into working with you, enjoying your company and (to some degree) being manipulated into doing what you want. You weren’t really able to do any of those 3. You flipped on most people from what I heard. You didn’t build ANY strong bonds and you didn’t really manipulate anybody into doing what you wanted ( as far as I know).

    Now you may think I dislike you but that’s far from it lol. I don’t really dislike anyone on a personal level (That’s left on the jury). I just do not believe you played a strong social game and I felt like your strategy game was one that people were able to read quite easily. You do edge Ben in the physical department so good for you.


    Maya and Phoenix

    (Me watching over you and Hudson during the game <3)

    Omg Ben ❤ ❤ ❤ Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I am so happy that a coven alliance member made it to the FTC And I think it was pretty clear that out of Hudson and Ben, you were my fav one to talk to (Though you’re both equally amazing <3)

    I think people have two main issues with your game: Your lack of social game and lack of perspective/game.

    I actually want to be 100 with everyone and think that your social game wasn’t bad. I think that maybe what makes it hard for you to thrive being social is perhaps the different kinds of personality’s that were on this season. I think that there were some people with egos that needed to be fed and I think people need to get their ego stroked to actually turn around and say “omg that’s such good social game wow” and it’s sad but that’s just how society is sometimes (not all the time obviously don’t drag me xD).

    What I’m trying to say is, is that I didn’t find your social with me was  bad at all and I actually think you kept it relatively real with me during our conversations and you did object to how me and Ali were beefing game wise and you did question if I was dragging you to the end. And I’ll let you know rn that I did believe I was able to beat you somewhat but I was not going to sacrifice our friendship or downplay you EVER cuz I’m not that kind of bitch.

    After I left you did trust Mackie maybe just a LITTLE too much cuz I mean, we witnessed firsthand, multiple times how messy that Canadian is likeeeeeee. xD I think taking him to the end would’ve been suicide, even tho I don’t think he was the best he probably could’ve gassed up certain things he did to get him the win and plus he had a overall stronger social game than you did.

    You keeping Hudson at final 4 was a loyal thing and I respect it. Would it have put you at a disadvantage? Most likely but the fact that you two worked so closely together (With my help obviously 😉).

    I think what it comes down to Ben is that you’re the player that needs to be dependent on someone to play the game (correct me if I’m wrong, please do cuz I may very well be). But from my PoV There wasn’t really a point where you able to stand out on your own and that is the issue I think people are having with giving you the vote. I know that you’re a great, crazy ass person (Not aas crazy as me tho bitch!) and you just need to be able to state your game.

    The jury doesn’t want to hear a summary of the season, we actually want to hear from YOUR point of view where you fit in the game, how you influenced it, and why you deserve to win this season I know that you are able to do that Ben, but I’m just letting you know that you have to work hard for this win. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Sisters Reunited

    Now before my dumbass forgets I guess I will give y’all a couple questions? ❤ 


    1)In the Jury chat I lowkey forgot where you’re from and I joked that you’re from Antarctica. I want you to tell me how you would be able to boost the population of Antarctica from like 1,106 (Google told me that’s how many dumb bitches live there idk if that’s tru xD)  to like, 1 million with your virtual 1 million dollars.

    2) I would like for you to give me your perspective of how you played a part in this game as you did attend like....12 tribals? Make me beleive ur like Denise Stapley or somethin'.

    3) I want to actually give you a chance to counter anything I said in my speech as I obviously wasn't here for as long as like, some other people so what I may say could very well be inaccurate.


    1) Can you explain to the jury whether you voting to keep Mackie and Hudson was for jury management or were you were manipulated by them?


    1) Compare each of the jury (including Jay) to a Bad Girl from Bad Girls club. Here are a couple links to some yt shorts of these crazy gurls, give a short summery on why you choose the girl for each person ❤ OH And find a gif of the gurl u choose LMAO:

    Thank you bois, Good luck ❤

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    • Hey Daniel, ohh that's cute, that your speech for Ben is even better than his speech. It feels like you are trying to show how amazing he is, tho even he doesn't believe in this bullshit. Anyyyyways...

      1) I would buy a ship, water equipment and other shit to discover Atlantis below the Antarctica, with ~10k people. Then I would drop remaining money on the snow of Antarctica. People are so dumb, that over 10 mil. would come to get the money.

      2) Don't spoil pls. I love Jonathan Penner, so I'm finishing 25th season by now. UTR game, by making my own moves. 

      3) You were the power couple of our tribe, huh? Okay, welp let's see how that worked out for you. Christina found her as a first boot and you couldn't leave her be and tried to save her, but look how that turned out. Second boot. Flip flopper? Nah I told you when I was voting for you and when I was voting for Chrisitna. My true flip was at the f9, when Hedger was voted out.


      1) I don't want to spoil BB, because I actually want to watch it sometime and I do not want to waste my time on smth so stupid, when you are rooting for Ben and trying to pitch that he played WAYYYY better game than me.

      Thanks for your speech tho. Sorry, if I sound salty, but I'm really exhausted today, so I don't want to spend my time by doing nothing.

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