• Greetings finalists.

    Congrats on reaching Final Tribal, and honestly I don't have a whole lot to say because... yikes... this Final 2 is horrifically underwhelming for such an entertaining season. However, y'all received plenty of hate already so I'm just going to keep this simple and ask some questions. Because seriously, I can't think of all whole lot to say to you guys (plus a lot was already addressed from the other jurors so need to repeat anything).


    1. Why did you decide to reveal that I was the new target at F9 and how was that supposed to benefit your game? (Aside from rebelling against an alliance)

    2. You mentioned you wanted to vote for Seamus at F9 and we were set for that and yet you changed your mind 6 hours later. What was that all about? It seemed like you wanted to be voting the same way as Alissa and yet chose to rebel later even though we had the numbers in the first place.

    3. Did I tell Erin to play her idol? 


    1. What personal satisfaction would I gain from voting for you over Danielius. Because lets be honest, we really didn't have that strong of a connection.

    2. You mentioned that I got eliminated because your side got VERY lucky from the auction. So because the vote was between us, what do you think would've happened if you got eliminated and I was still in the game. Explain how my presence over yours would've impact the rest of the game.

    3. Why did you select the manga you picked for this season?

    Lastly, you both must complete this task:

    List 3 pros and 3 cons of each juror. Think about how you will answer this, because how you guys do so is a deciding factor.

    That's all! Good luck fellas and see you guys at the reuinion <3

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    • 1) I had no word in my so called alliance with Hedger and Aliisa. When I was saying Seamus, then Alissa told to vote for Mackie. When I was saying Mackie, then Alissa started to make a bigger target on you. Hedger tried to look hesitant and acting like he doesn't know what to do, tho he surely didn't want to vote as I did. So telling you that, benefited my game, because I made a new alliance, made a big move and saved you! I wanted to play more with you Andrew. :/ I was not a rebel, that was just a better move for me.

      2) The same thing. Alissa told me, that Seamus is being shady and she wants him out. I was more than okay with it, cuz I didn't have any connections with him, so it was a good rid of smb. But then Alissa told that we are keeping Seamus and voting off Mackie. Like I was pissed and tried to sway the vote back on Seamus, but I didn't have the numbers and voice to make Alissa or Hedger to do so, but Mackie was a big threat, so it wasn't that bad. Butt ohhh boi, my alarm started to ring, when she said that we are voting for you. What's after that? She doesn't want to get the minority out and starts voting off our allies and in the future I wanted to work with you. I understood that I have no voice over the vote, so I flipped and made a new alliance. We didn't have the numbers to take out Seamus or Mackie. I don't think that sticking with that alliance would bring me here. 

      3) You told her that she is the vote, but she played the idol herself.


      1) Andrew - Strategic, honest (most honest convos), considerate. Not great at challenges, indecisive, careless 

      2) Alissa - Social, adaptable, strategic. OTT, not great at challenges, works with everyone. 

      3) Daniel - Social, emphatic, loyal. Clinging, inflexible, loyal. (I know I mentioned loyal twice.)

      4) Hedger - Beast at challenges, compassionate, persistent. Vengeful, OTT (why tf do you get so good scores in challenges so early.), indecisive.

      5) Hudson - Unassuming, strategic, social. Not great at challenges, didn't care that much, mediocre in every aspect of the game. 

      6) Mackie - Witty, intuitive, strategic. Cynical, OTT, deceitful. 

      7) Seamus - Loyal, beast at challenges, sincere. Overemotional, bossy, SATAN. 

      Thanks for your speech, Andrew! <3

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