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    I'm sure you guys are just EAGER to find out who won, but you'll have to wait till we get back to the states for the official reveal of the votes. Until then, thank you for this....interesting season. I'll see you all soon.



    Ben and Danielius, it's been a LONG 39 days to get to this stage. Despite all the criticism, you did what 16 others couldn't. In a battle of the Highkey, Lowkey, and the Complex...key, you proved that slow and steady wins the race. So no matter the outcome both of you should be very proud.

    In a few moments I will reveal the WINNER and SOLE SURVIVOR of Survivor: Sicily - Showdown! Tonight you WANT to see your name written down, and it'll only take 4 votes to win.

    Without further ado, for the last time, I will read the votes...

    First Vote...








    Danielius. We are tied! That's 2 votes each...


    Ben! That's 3 votes Ben, it takes 4 to win...


    Danielius! That's 3 votes Ben and 3 votes Danielius, 1 vote left! That means that this last vote will be the deciding vote for our WINNER...

    The WINNER Of Survivor: Sicily - Showdown...





    Congratulations Ben! In a CLOSE 4-3 vote, you have earned the title of Sole Survivor and have become this ORG's eighth big winner! A fitting end to this wild ass season! A big round of applause to our cast, our Jury, and our Runner-up, Danielius!

    I'd also like to extend a personal thanks to my fellow hosts! Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to help host this season. We faced some rough patches along the way, but I couldn't have asked for a better first hosting squad. Thank you Liam for entrusting your org to me. To Drew for guiding us along the way. To Keaton for the GORGEOUS manga work. And to Dusk, Jenna, Linus for bringing the fun.

    This has been a great season, and I hope YOU the viewers got some joy out of this as well. Stay tuned for Survivor: Great Plains, already in progress, and until we meet again, thank you, and GOODNIGHT!
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