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    First things first, Nicole, I’ll take back immunity.

    Once again, individual immunity is back up for grabs!

    For today’s challenge, you guys will be competing in

    Touchy Subjects!

    For this challenge, you will be given sixteen archetypes and descriptions.

    You will pair one person remaining in the game to each archetype. You can have one person on more than one archetype.

    You will send two lists to your thread, one marked as your personal list, the other as your answer list.

    You cannot include yourself as an answer on your personal list.

    The personal list will be used to determine what the majority answer is for each archetype, whereas your answer list guesses what the majority answer is.

    You are not allowed to discuss your answers with other contestants until the challenge is over.

    #1. Leader

    The leader is in charge of the game, running the show.

    #2. Hero

    The hero stands true to their morals and tries to be just.

    #3. Villain

    The villain is an enemy, prone to outbursts, constantly at arms.

    #4. Dominator

    The dominator is skillful in challenges, unable to be beaten.

    #5. Strategist

    The strategist is cunning and can outwit any competitor.

    #6. Insurgent

    The insurgent refuses the might of any alliance, instead operating alone.

    #7. Parasite

    The parasite leeches onto another player, following their commands.

    #8. Patriot

    The patriot remains true to tribal lines, unwilling to break them.

    #9. Shaman

    The shaman is selfless and caring, dealing with other players’ problems.

    #10. Bulwark

    The bulwark shields more threatening players, playing the role of target.

    #11. Traitor

    The traitor spurns their deals and betrays allegiances to reach a better spot.

    #12. Stooge

    The stooge is a fool, unwittingly walking the path of failure.

    #13. Seducer

    The seducer can manipulate their opponents with ease.

    #14. Jester

    The jester is humorous and can easily spawn laughter.

    #15. Addict

    The addict will never rest, putting all their energy into the game.

    #16. Mute

    The mute is quiet and cares little for the game’s social politics.

    Of course, there is the risk of a tie in this game. As a result, your tie-breaker will be submitted along with your questions.

    The tiebreaker deals with eliminated contestants. You will select anyone eliminated from Violet to BSam to answer these questions.

    #1. Martyr

    The martyr died fighting to survive, knowing that they would be avenged.

    #2. Dreamer

    The dreamer died by no fault of their own, merely a poor position.

    #3. Coward

    The coward died without a fight, lacking the skills to survive.

    #4. Prodigal

    The prodigal died due to a fatal mistake, destroying their own game.

    #5. Wretch

    The wretch died, deserving their fate, and should have never played.

    The person with the most correct answers will win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final nine!

    Your answer list will be publicly revealed in results, but not your personal list.

    You have 24 hours to finish this challenge, which means you must submit by 7:00 PM EST tomorrow, Friday the 18th.


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