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    First things first, Bradley, I’ll take back immunity.

    Once again, individual immunity is back up for grabs!

    For today’s challenge, you guys will be playing...

    Lava Pool

    For this challenge, when you are ready, you will be linked to a 16x16 Minesweeper board.

    If you need to acquaint yourself with Minesweeper, you may head here to see the rules and to practice.

    You will have the ability to mark the board yourself, for where you think lava pools are.

    The lava pools will act as mines, in this scenario.

    To guess a spot where you believe a lava pool is not, you will tell us which spot to remove. We will reveal the spot.

    If you reveal a lava pool, you will finish the game.

    The person who uncovers the most spots by the end of the challenge will win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final five!

    You have 24 hours to finish this challenge, which means you must finish by 7:00 PM EST tomorrow, Saturday the 26th.


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