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     First things first, Jake, I’ll take back immunity.

    Once again, individual immunity is back up for grabs!

    For today’s challenge, you guys will be playing...


    For this challenge, you guys will compete on your own in your confessional.

    You will be attempting to erupt a volcano by posting moves until it erupts!

    You have three moves to make, each giving you magma.

    When you reach 120 magma, the volcano shall erupt!

    However, each move also has a cooldown, in which you can’t post any moves until the cooldown is over.


    Exhaust will allow you to gain 1 magma.
    After using exhaust, you must wait 2 minutes before posting again.


    Enflame will allow you to gain 5 magma.
    After using enflame, you must wait 12 minutes before posting again.


    Erupt will allow you to gain 20 magma.
    After using erupt, you must wait 50 minutes before posting again.

    The person who reaches 120 magma in the least amount of time (according to timestamps, from start to finish) will win individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four!

    If you make a mistake such as posting too early, you may post again once the time is right to fix it.

    To help keep track of your score, we request that you indicate the amount you have, if possible. For instance, typing a 20 after saying erupt.

     You have 24 hours to finish this challenge, which means you must finish by 7:00 PM EST tomorrow, Monday the 28th.


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