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    Welcome to the Rites of Passage!

    For this, you will take a moment to remember the competitors you bested to reach this point, and to say your thoughts on them in the game and how they impacted you.





























    Please comment below or make a post with your Rites of Passage. You have until the end of the next challenge to complete this.
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    • - From Tiago

      Hello guys , this has been a rollercoaster and i just want to say that each one of you is a important part of this game and everyone should be proud of their game even the first ones out at least you had the chance of play this great game. Well now lets see one by one...(I never played with the pre merge booted people so im sorry if i dont have much to say to you :v)


      Violet- Well i dont know you well and i believe your downfall was....doing literally nothing , you had a strike and voted for yourself so i guess you didnt care much about the game or maybe you had a problem and if its that i am sorry.

      Aaron- Hey dude i would like to had played with you cuz i heard you were a mess , some kind of a villain but it didnt worked :v still nice try and good luck in future seasons.

      Liam-I dont know what to say , i have 0 feedback from and about you so just lets hope we will play one time together and yeah <3

      Tal- My king , obviously we knew each other and sucked that we had to be in different tribes , i wasnt expecting to see you go so soon but if you voted in yourself then you deserved to be voted out. Still love ya <3

      Gabriel- Hey Gabe , well we started in the same tribe and you were the first person we lost from original Danan so that was really sad and surprising , that gave me an idea that maybe the other tribes were scared of us , which was right but we didnt talked that much too but was nice to meet you :)

      AJ- Again dont know you at all so i hope you enjoyed your time here and see you soon.

      Trey- As i dont know you at all too ill just talk about the strategic point your elimination gave me , probably the 3 that voted out AJ were the same 3 that voted you out and that trio came into the merge as kinda a "threat" and the rest ill explain if i reach the f3 xD so thanks for that info and good luck in the future <3


      BSam- Hey BS , we started in the same tribe and even tho you werent really close with me pre merge , i think in the merge was when we talked the most and i didnt wanted to see you go but thats how it is. #DananStrong

      Charlie- Another from original Danan , it was a blindside , i was shocked and unfortunately with your elimination was clear that the other tribes were getting out all the Danan people. I really enjoyed getting to know you and our talks were more than just game so i appreciate it and hope your having fun and i wish the best of luck in your life. 

      Rexxy- Hellu Refa , i think you were kinda UTR and not big of a threat but i wasnt sure where your head was back at that time and that was the main reason you were voted out. Even tho that you were a good person to chill with <3

      Elizabeth- Hey gurl , look you were one of my closest people , i really wanted to go further with you and have a second chance after Upolu , unfurtunately the 3 danans were left alone and you were the one that had to pay. I think you were kinda sad but you are an amazing person and tried your best to success so you just need to be proud of you!

      Nicole- Hello Queen. Let me tell you that you are a beast , by far one of the thoughest , smartest and potencial winner of this season if we didnt stopped you ;) With your elimination i saw an open door to be closer with some poeple that were more close to you and increase my game. After you realized how big of a threat you were , you started playing an soft and utr game but i didnt buy it tbh xD But well congrats and thanks for teaching me new skills for future games.

      Aston- Hey dude , so you were a great player both in "physically" and socially terms but i was never really 100% sure about your words. I was aware of some alliances you did but still we could get to business and stay true in some votes. In the end i tried before to vote you out too and f5 was the last oppurtunity so sorry but it was imperative to do it. Hope youre not so mad but we talk in the end hopefully. 

      Jake- Ughhh i think you have no idea how sad and frustrated i am , we started working together from the merge till f4 , you were one of my closest allie in all game. In one hand im devastated bc i couldnt stay honest with everyone , thats my goal but you were a HUGE threat and in another hand i couldnt stay up for a friend , some of your arguments were just to save your ass and not really the truth but i understand it and if you reached the f3 you would have won for sure. Even if some people say you were the villain of the season i think you never started anything in a big scale , everyone started attacking you and you reposted. But well i loved to play with you , you are the fire of the season and i hope you forgive me bro <3

      I tried to be the more honest possible and im sorry if i hurt someone or if someone didnt liked it but this is just for fun and see you soon guys kiss kiss kiss 

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    • Hey guys! What an awesome game this has been! I have enjoyed it so much and a lot of that was due to you guys so thank you for that. I really do appreciate it.

      Violet- I didn’t talk with you at all and I was told you were super inactive and that showed with the self vote, but yeah not much else to say here.

      Aaron- You were a tricky one. You were semi-active, you would do the challenges but you just weren’t that good at replying back to messages but yeah I do think if you were more socially active you could have done well. I think the tribe saw you as someone who we couldn’t afford to keep around but you were nice to talk to so if you just dug a little deeper it could have gone very different indeed I reckon. Yeah cheers for a good game.

      Liam- You were a bit of the same to be honest. A bit lacking on the challenge portion of things and had short answers when I talked to you, it just didn’t work out because I just didn’t have any good connection with you. I want to play in one of your ORG’s that you host in the future because I have heard you are a good host so watch out for an application! I think yeah finals really stuffed you over and I’m sorry for that. Academics come first for sure, and I respect that. Good luck for the future!

      Tal- Didn’t get to talk to you so don’t know much about you at all but yeah I just hope we get to play some time or another so I can see how you play! I didn’t hear much about you either to be honest but you are probably a lovely specimen.

      Gabe- AH GABE THE MAN. You legend mate, I really enjoyed playing with you and you were a pleasure to talk to as well, I really was gutted when I had to vote you out but yeah I really do hope I find you in another game because I felt like I really got on with you. You were an awesome social player who really could do well in other ORG’s so yeah keep pushing and keep striving. But yeah you played so good mate, keep doing what you are doing.

      AJ- Hmm AJ. Another interesting one I reckon. You gave quite short answers to my questions a lot of the time so that didn’t help our connection but if we ended up playing again I think we could make it work. I liked your Sebby Bobby profile picture but yeah I didn’t end up making a really strong connection with you unfortunately. But yeah nothing overly negative to say about you at all.

      Trey- Such a lad, what a guy. I loved playing with you so much Trey, I loved having chats with you and could see us going very far together. But I just knew that you had such a big target on your back that could not have been shaken unfortunately, and that was that. It was a shame because you were super awesome haha. I really enjoyed knowing you had my back and I had yours. It was super nice to have someone in the game that I really could rely on. GOOD LAD.

      BSam- You were someone who I didn’t talk to much at all and you went due to a blindside/ idol flush attempt that went down. You were pretty cool and it was kinda a shame you had to go but I guess sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles…

      Charles- THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND. In this game you were just a bit too distant in this game and it just wasn’t going to work out sadly. You are the man but in this game I could not feel that to be honest. You were trying to vote me out so it is something that had to happen, you are awesome though.

      Rexxy- You were one I felt a loyalty to but it was a weird one. You voted me before so I wasn’t sure what to think about how we stood to be honest. You were loyal to me after but you were just someone who had to go at the end of the day.

      Elizabeth- Ah Liz. We didn’t talk that much at all and when we did it kinda felt forced I guess. I’m sure you are a great person and your vote was just getting someone out that I couldn’t see working with in the future at all.

      Nicole- You are great. Really really great. It was a really tough vote this one and I was actually quite sad to see you go but I knew that you were such a big threat to win the game and that you could have definitely won the game if you made it to the end. It just had to happen but it was very sad saying that. You were super cool to talk to and it also helped that we both was from the Land of the Long White Cloud, super nice to talk to and just an absolute legend to say the least haha. Also I haven’t been checking your attendance, I hope you are getting to school.

      Aston- Ah another absolute Geeza. Awesome time playing with you and I enjoyed every bit of talking with you and that cheeky fortnite session. I really do hope I am able to play with you again cause you are such a blast to play with. I hope you aren’t too sad about Aston Villa not making it to the EPL but you can know that you made me proud in this game so you don’t have to be sad anymore. Ah man I think in the future you just keep the same game style because the game you played was a really good one mark my words. CHEERS JEFF.

      Jake- Another absolute beast indeed. I was worried after the last game we played together that we would be off to a bad start but it was quite the opposite, I enjoyed playing with you so much and I want you to know that. You were such a big threat to win the game and just had to go out when you did, but yeah it was a pleasure. I really enjoyed actually getting to know you instead of seeing you for all the things others have said about you so yeah it was really nice!

      Ah man such a good group of people in this game and I again want to thank you all for such a great season with a whole lot of awesome moments. But yeah I guess that is it, thanks for an awesome time guys.

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