• Sunset

    Welcome back to Tribal Council.


    Now, we’ll bring in the members of our jury.


    Charlie, Rexxy, Elizabeth, Nicole, Aston, and Jake, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

    Bradley, how does it feel to have secured your spot in the final three? What preparations are you making to ensure victory for yourself at this point? Do you believe you stand a strong chance of winning?

    Devon, is this the most important vote of the season, and if so, how carefully are people weighing their options here? Will this vote be put together quickly, or will it take a long process of deliberation before a conclusion is reached?

    Tiago, there are really only a few ways tonight's vote can head. Do you think the majority here will agree on a target to eliminate, or will we risk seeing a tiebreaker held here? What are the benefits and downsides of either situation?

    Tom, the three of you who lost immunity are surely desperate to reach the finals. What cases are all of you making to try to survive tonight? Are any cases made so far particularly helpful or detrimental in securing peoples' spots in the next round?


    We ask that you all submit your votes on this piece of parchment.


     Votes are due to your confessionals by 7:00 PM EST tomorrow, on June the 1st. If you fail to vote by the deadline, it will count as a self-vote.
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