• Hello dear jurors , hosts and everyone else there. If youre waching this , thats because im in the f3 and this is one of my last chances to prove why i deserve to be the sole survivor. Ill talk about my experience in the game , what moves i did and why  , my thoughts about them and why you should definitely vote for me.


    Starting the game i loved my tribe and immeditely did some strong connections with Devon , Elizabeth and Charlie. Being all the merge with Charlie , BSam and Elizabeth made me really trust them and i was so happy when Devon could manage to go to the merge. At that time Nicole, Rexxy and Jake joined us in Pewatan which made me start to be closer with Jake but still paying attention to every single thing they 3 said just to be cautions.


    The beggining of the merge was chaotic for me as i was been told that the "not original Danan" were voting me out. I was like "WHAT" bc i had done nothing to be a target so i talked with many people and started noticing that Tom wasnt really close with the majority so i started spreading his name. In the end BSam was blindsided and in one hand i was relieved but in other hand i felt like the game was escaping from me. Then in episode 9 unfortunately i had a strike because i was out and i didnt had any wifi so that could be used against me but in the end everyone have real lifes. With that the same 6 got ride of Charlie and i had my first and only vote throughout the season. That was the point i had to open my eyes and see what i could do to chance things. So i start talking with literally everyone , noticing where the alliances were and only Rexxy was the only one i was afraid that could flip the easiest so you had to go. Then Nicole was a big threat , she was really close with jake and i needed to separate them so i could be the closest person to Jake so she had to go but not firstly cuz Liz was voted out. At that time even know i was close with jake his idol was a curse and i had to persuade him to use him. Everything worked as planned and Nicole was voted out and jake used his idol. For some reason Jake though there was an alliance btw Brad,Aston and Devon which i found out wasnt really true so i used that as an excude to get ride of Aston and Brad bc they were threats and not really close with me at that time. Aston went out successfully but then F5 came....And i felt like everyone though i had their back and i was kinda a "goat" but i had my own plans. Brad needed to go but him and jake were a challenge beasts so Brad wins immunity and my two closest allies Jake and Devon were gunning for each other. I had to make a choice , Tom didnt gave me an immediate answer but in the end Jake was the vote cuz you were a beast. I could have voted for Devon or Tom and stay with Jake but then in the f4 there was a huge chance that Brad and Tom would vote for me and voting in Jake would give Brad the trust i needed. Finally in the f4 i tried everything to win and take Tom and Devon till the end but unfortunately wasnt enough and again Devon vs Tom and i had to make a choice...Tom was hurt that i voted in him but if i voted in Devon i was going against my word from the first single day that i meet Devon and i thing that was really disrespecting him. Im 100% loyal with is with me since the first day and i couldnt do that to Devon. I hope you all understand , this is a game and i did the best i could to reach this point.

    Finally , you should vote for me because:

    1) I didnt had any feedback/connection with more than half of the merge people , my closest people were all being voted out but i still managed to get to this point.

    2) I was the person with less votes in the entire season (1)

    3) I didnt need any idol/immunity or advantage to get till the end.

    4) My strong social connections with people made them trust me and not being voted out.

    5) I was always honest with everyone and wasnt afraid to say my point of view. (dont mix honesty with loyalty)

    6) I was loyal with every single person till f5 and then i wasnt afraid to do big moves that would bring me till the end...because this is Survivor.

    In another hand , you should not vote for my opponents because:

    - Bradley relayed much on his immunities...without them the easiest thing would be talk with Tom , Jake and Devon to vote him out and he would be gone.

    - Devon abstained almost all the challenges so lack of effort.

    Overall this was an amazing and unexpected season , thank you to the hosts , Gevonte ,Dalton , Johnny , Lexi and Malik for cast me and do this really interesting challenges. And of course i hope i can bring some friendships to outside of this game and im sure everyone did everything they could so good job everyone and ill respect whichever decision you make.

    Ill be here waiting for all your answers with my t so spill everything cuz i want to clarify all the whys and ifs. See ya <3

    Ohh and vote for Tiago!

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