• Hey guys! First off I want to extend a huge thank you to all the hosts and players for making this game as good as it could be. I'm going to try and be as open as honest as I can be, and for your questions I am truly an open book.

    Coming into this game I wanted to come in with a strategy of having as much power as I could but not use it unless I found the need to so that way I wouldn't be seen as someone who was overpowering and a leader and I could hide behind bigger threats but I wouldn't be a follower where I didn't have control of the game. I wanted to primarily work behind the scenes and make subtle yet effective moves to put myself in a better position.

    I started out the game on the Pewetan tribe. On this tribe I tried to form a connection with everybody and I felt I was in a good spot from the first day. Since we had two inactives essentially the other four of us formed an unspoken foursome and we voted out Violet and TAL. During this time I became extremely close with Aston. He was my closest ally and most of the choices that were made in the game came from us. This is also where we formed our tight duo and final 2 deal called "The Golden Scars". I also formed a close bond with Jake. Jake became sort of the figurehead and leader for our alliance, even thought we never had any tough votes.

    When the swap happened I found myself to be in a good position. We had three original Pewtans, two rakatas, and two Danans. Since none of the Danans had been voted out the 5 of us came together to vote out a Danan so come merge time they wouldn't have all their members intact. During this time I tried to form a good bond with all four of the people I hadn't met before. I bonded the most with Devon and since he was a Danan, the only other Danan left was Gabe to be voted out. Even thought I connected with Gabe I still felt like I could use Devon more greater down the line. So I tried to push the target onto Gabe in a very subtle way by suggesting to Aston and AJ that Gabe was closer to the blues and tried to link up with them. Ultimately the vote ended up being 5-2 with Gabe leaving, and me receiving the other two votes. This was a little bit concerning to me because even thought I had filled in Devon on the plan he still voted for me. A big strength for me in this game was after I had been on the opposite side of people for votes getting them back on my side and not keeping them an enemy. Devon was a perfect example of this because I still loved Devon as a person and felt it would still be in my best interest to work with him going forward as he had nobody else on the swap tribe to work with. After the Gabe vote me and Aston came up with a plan to try and form a foursome with me him Devon and tom. I would pull in Devon and he would pull in tom. This was a great alliance for us because tom and Devon didn't really like each other and they wouldn't work together to try and vote us out. We didn't tell tom or Devon about the other person because since they didn't like each other they wouldn't want to be in an alliance chat together. With Devon our threesome was called the salty springers and with tom it was called the retail rowers. After we lost the next challenge Devon was the obvious vote since he was the only one who voted in the minority, which disappointed me because I did want Devon to stay but I wasn't about to go against the group. However because of the close bond I had with Aston, he told me that he was in a chat with tom trey and AJ, that AJ started, this concerned me for two reasons. The first was that if we lost again, which we would have because we were trash at challenges, I would have been next. The second was because that foursome wanted to put votes on me Incase Devon had an idol. In my opinion it was way too early for an idol to be played with one person having 8 fragments. So Aston and Devon and I decided to vote for AJ leading to the 3-2-1 vote out. After this vote I knew I fully had devons trust and he was back on board after voting for me last round. At this point Trey came up to me because he knew he was on the chopping block after voting for me the round before. He tried to form a twosome with me which I entertained because if we didn't lose until the merge I was Interested in working with him. After we lost the next challenge I knew it would be Trey because me and Aston needed to keep our foursome tight. Even though Tom voted with Trey, Aston still felt like he had a good grip on him, and I had Devon.

    Going into merge I was extremely happen to get off a losing tribe and into the real thick of the game. I was also excited to meet 6 new people who I had never spoken to before. I felt I was at a little bit of a disadvantage here because I hadn't talked to over half the people on the merge tribe so I could become an easy target. I tried to counteract this by trying to connect to everyone on a personal level. I used my bond with Devon to keep my name out of becoming the target for the Danans, since at that point the Pewtans and Rakatas came together to vote out a Danan since if we didn't than Danan would have half of the merge tribe and could have controlled things from there. I didn't tell Devon or any of the Danans because we were all nervous about them coming together to form an idol. I was perfectly ok with BSam going because I felt like I connected with him the least out of anybody on Danan. After this vote Devon came up to me and was pissed about me lying to his face. I told him that I kept his name out of the target and he had voted for me before. At this time I also told him that Nicole had an idol because I wanted to tell him a piece of info that was very elusive, and I wanted to paint a target on Nicole because I knew she was a huge threat and by pinning her with an idol it only increased the target that she had. At this point me and Aston gave fragments to jake to help him form an idol. This was done to keep jakes trust because we wanted to keep his trust for as long as possible until we made a move on him and this allowed him to feel confident with us. At the next vote Charlie was set to be the target which I didn't want to happen because I bonded with Charlie and would have preferred for Liz to go home because we had barely spoken, however like I said before I didn't want to push to far to try and save Charlie because I didn't want to be seen as a leader by really pushing for him to stay and this allowed me to retain trust with the Danandos which was crucial for when I wanted to make a move the next round. If I had pushed for Charlie to stay that could have jeopardized what happened next round. I tried to save Charlie by letting him know he was on the block and trying to convince the other Danans to form an idol to save him and get out Nicole, but alas he didn't and he left. Even though Devon did not vote for Charlie I still filled him on on the plan and managed to get his trust back for the second time after being on opposite sides on the vote.

    The rexxy vote is what I consider to be my defining move in the game and where I felt like I put myself in a great position for the rest of the game. The original plan for this vote was that Aston jake and I plus the Danans were going to vote for Nicole. The rakatas were going to vote for Liz. Nicole would play an idol that had just formed that round from rexxy and tom, and Liz would be idoled out. I thought this was a dumb plan because why make things more complicated than they had to be. Plus if the blues and greens talked they might find out that me Aston and jake were in the middle and team up against us. Me and Aston decided it was the perfect time to flip on jake and make a move. This is where the then lie but now truth about Nicole having an idol was crucial, because I told Devon that Nicole was playing her idol so it was dumb to vote her out because she wouldn't be going home. So me and Aston decided to try and go for rexxy because jake had immunity and we needed to keep tom to keep our foursome strong. We managed to get Liz and Tiago on board with the salty springers and rexxy went out of the game while Nicole wasted her idol. This allowed me to have a game relationship with everybody remaining as well as a personal relationship. The fallout of this vote was a little rough as jake was pissed at me and Aston for not keeping him on the loop. I tried to pin some of the blame on Aston while maintaining a relationship with jake until our fight. The reason the fight started was because I was talking to jake about voting Liz out next round because I wanted to him to think I was with him. Then 5 minutes later Liz sends me receipts of the exact conversation I had with jake no more than 5 minutes before. So in order for Liz not to find out that I was playing the middle I chose to start a fight because I've always wanted to be in a fight it was on my bucket list and it would show Liz I was with her. I thought the fight was pretty funny and not taken too serious even though it showed I was against Jake.

    After Jake won immunity for the next round. I decided it was smart to make up with him because I knew he had immunity plus his idol he would be in the game for another three votes so it would be better to have him as an ally rather than an enemy. This again shows my previous point of getting people to work with me again after not voting with them the round before. Me and Aston decided we should stick with Jake to vote out Liz because Nicole would be a big threat to vote out when jake had to play his idol. This also allowed jake to think me and Aston were with him while continuing to ride the middle. We also told Devon to vote with Liz so that it would dispel the rumor of us being a trio that Jake was spreading around while still being filled in on the plan. I didn't want to tell Liz she was being voted on because she could expose what me and Aston were up to.

    The next vote where I won immunity was crucial, because it allowed me to make jake not immune which would force him to play his idol also by keeping in Nicole in kept in a bigger threat to also get out while jake was playing his idol. I also managed to win the immunity by working smarter not harder, by having both me and my loved one working on immunity meaning we could go twice as fast as anyone else, who had one person do each list. The salty springers decided to vote for Nicole putting three votes on her while having tom and Tiago vote for jake Incase he didn't play his idol. We didn't fill tom in on the plan to vote out Nicole because we knew they were close and tom could spill the beans to Nicole and if he voted Aston the whole plan could have been messed up. After Nicole left, jake won immunity and saved himself and told me he would be going after Aston which made me sad and nervous because after Aston went I would be the next biggest target on Jakes radar. I knew after tom told me he wanted to get out Aston that the foursome plan wouldn't work because Aston wasn't as close to tom as we thought or hoped. So the best odds we could get were to go to rocks with me Devon and Tiago drawing. This was horrible odds for me and Devon and we ultimately decided against it. This was a really tough vote for me because I did want to keep Aston in. I viewed this situation very close to the Koah Rong vote where Michele has to vote out Julia, because even though I wanted to keep Aston I couldn't sacrifice my game and vote to keep Aston when it would put me in the minority and he would be leaving anyway.

    After this vote I knew I had to try and find a way to the final 3. This is where I formed a final three with Devon and Tiago. After I won immunity which I believe was key for me as I believe Jake would have targeted me next. I persuaded Devon and Tiago to vote for jake and even though jake exposed who I wanted to go to final 3 with and played his cards the best way he could have. I still managed to get everybody on board to vote jake including tom who I was vocally against.

    After that I clutched up and won final immunity allowed me to essentially dictate what I wanted to happen, and as I had already given my word to Devon and Tiago I decided to follow through on that voting out tom believing I can beat Devon and Tiago in the end.

    Next I am going to wrap up with some key points about the big three aspects of the game

    Physically: I was a contender in most of challenges I competed in. I always gave my all in the tribe challenges and I won key immunities at the end to make myself safe and keep other big threats vulnerable.

    Socially: I had a social relationship with everybody and tried to talk to everybody about something non-game related to make them feel connected with me. I also managed to be able to convince people to work with me after I had been on the opposite side of votes before.

    Strategically: I went to the most tribal councils out of anybody this season. I voted for the person who left every single time meaning I was in on what was happening every vote since there were no idols played. I also had a working relationship with almost everybody in the game leading them to trust me while they were walking out the door.

    Overall I would just like to thank the hosts and players again for a truly great season!

    P.S. Sorry if things aren't grammatically correct as I'm writing this on my phone and it's not the best place to check grammar and clarity. But please if you want me to clarify something let me know and I am looking forward to your questions.

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