• Hi guys! Congrats on making F3. I'm pretty sure I know who I'm voting for but the questions I have are:

    Tiago - Did you make any moves this season that were your idea?

    Devon - For someone who was all about being 100% with each other from the start of the game, what was your reasoning behind only being 80% honest with me during the merge and leaving me out of the loop despite the trust we had with each other? 

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    • Hi Elizabeth <3 love and miss you girl

      I think the best way to explain what I did involves the fact that in Survivor, no one is really "willing" to deal away every card in their hand at one given moment. Based on Jake's list from his speech, you'll see I ranked you as the person I was closest to in this game. 

      When the "flip" occured, I really didn't have any given flexibility to flip Bradley/Aston back, as they were convinced it was the right move. At that moment, I was given a few options: 

      1. Find fragments: I tried to get Danan to combine for an idol, but no one seemed open enough to give up their own fragments. 

      2. Push for you to stay: Which I did throughout the period, and Bradley/Aston can both confirm that I didn't see their logic in flipping back, especially since we JUST got out Rexxy in the previous vote. 

      3. Make the most of it: While it sounds weird, I knew that if I pushed too hard for Bradley/Aston to not flip, there was a chance they would STILL flip, and leave me in the dust. They were unpredictable in that sense. 

      Overall, I loved playing this game with you, and you were one of my closest friends out here. I gave up every piece of information I could, and I tried as hard as I could to keep you safe on a consistent basis. That was proven when I saved you in the previous round, and I messaged you saying "I bet my game that the vote will go our way". 

      Take care <3

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    • Hello Elizabeth

      At f5 i planned to take out Jake or Brad and to make sure everyone would be on board with that i asked Tom if he would be available to make a move with me since he was close with both of them and i made that unanimous vote in end.

      Also i told everyone that i wanted Nicole out before that Tribal Council so i can see that being my move cuz it started with me but wasnt completely cuz i know there were talks about it but not in a big scale.

      Thanks for your questions Liz <3

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