• Hey guys! Good job to all of you for making it this far, it really is a great achievement! I think you guys played a good game and one that you really should be proud of.

    Devon- Throughout the game I didn’t really know where your head was at most of the time so it was hard to gage what you wanted to do or what you wanted to achieve. I don’t see many votes where you had control over, or opportunities where you spearheaded the vote to better your game. I want to know the three main things you did to get to this point, and why you think sitting next to Brad and Tiago was a good idea.

    Tiago- Hmmmm. Tiago. You were another person who I really could not gage for my life. At the start-ish/middle of merge I asked if you would be willing for a f2/f3 deal with me. You said you definitely would be, and then here we now are. I heard that you knew you weren’t going to win and you wanted Jake to win. Then if Jake was out then you wanted to take Devon so he could win. It all sounds a bit like you gave up in defeat. What were your f2/f3 plans and why did you go the way you did.

    Bradley- I really respect your game. Although there are things in there that I question a bit I think you gave the game a really good shot in my opinion. I think you made situations to your benefit and you really did innovate and create a good profile for yourself. You were however very flippy-floppy so I want to know what plans you had f2/f3 wise, and how the plans changed through the merge.

    One crucial question for you three: Rank these teams in order from most favourable to least favourable.

    • Real Madrid

    • Barcelona

    • Man United

    • Man City

    • Chelsea

    • Bayern Munich

    • Juventus

    Cheers guys!

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    • Hey Tom

      First of all thanks for the questions and i hope i can resolve the misunderstanding we had.

      Yeah i know i dont have much chance of winning but i didnt took devon with me so he can win , ill explain why i took him under in the next text and i wont stop trying to get your vote(s) till the votes are read xd 

      When i told you i wanted to go till the end with you i was honest and telling the truth. My initial f3 at the merge was me/Devon/Jake but as moves , idols and strategy were made at the middle of the merge i though deeper and i wanted a f3 between me/Tom/Devon. In f4 i tried everything so we could end up together and when i saw that brad would again win immunity i was devastated cuz i had to choose between you and devon. Was hard but Devon was with me since the very first day and to cut him out was doing something i couldnt tbh because you and me just started talking like in the middle of the merge and we didnt talked that much. That choice didnt had much to do with game but with dignity even tho i didnt fully accomplished that bc you had to go and i know i made you that promise so im very sorry and i swear im a good person lol This was the first game i betrayed my word , in other games my flaw was being always loyal so i kinda wanted to change but i see it didnt worked so i hope you forgive me.

      Well the teams from me

      1. Real Madrid

      2. Man United

      3. Bayern Munich

      4. Man City

      5. Chelsea

      6. Barcelona

      7. Juventus

      I know i hurted you and then you hurt me when you said you lost all your respect about me but i understand it and i hope this is not the end because this is a game and sometimes we are more than what we show in the game. So if you feel like i deserve to win vote for me z3

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    • Hey Tom, hope all is well! 

      When we initially swapped, I feel like Trey got into your head perhaps about targeting me. After the Gabe blindside, there was a lack of trust between us. Even though we continued to connect well on a personal level, we had different mindsets as players. 

      My alligence was towards the original Danan and Aston/Brad, while yours simply wasn't. 

      I'll admit, there were votes where I didn't have control. At the same time, the exact same debate could be used against Bradley. It was my connections with Liz and Tiago that made us a three-headed beast in select rounds. When I told one of them that I bet my game on the decision that was made, I always followed through. 

      To keep it simple, here are three main things I did to get to this point: 

      1. I kept my Danan connections strong, and that was huge when taking out Rexxy and cracking the game open. 

      2. I wasn't closed to working with others. Including you, I gave everyone outside of original Danan a chance to work together. The concept of Survivor was to keep every option open, and I went with a door that landed me in this position. 

      3. By giving Bradley, Aston, and even Jake multiple chances to earn trust, they had an incentive to keep me around. If I closed the chance to work together with ANY of them at ANY point, I could very well be sitting on that jury. 

      I appreciate and respect the game you made, and at the end of the day, I hope you respect my game enough to cast me as the winner of this season <3

      1. Man United

      2. Real Madrid

      3. Man City 

      4. Bayern Munich

      5. Chelsea

      6. Barcelona

      7. Juventus

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    • My plans going into the merge was to have me/Dev/Aston in the final 3. Although I was very flippy floppy, I was always loyal to the people that I was close to. I always kept Devon informed of the plan and was loyal to him, along with my ”golden scar” Aston so I would have loved to go to the end with them. Once Aston got eliminated, I moved Tiago into my final 3 because I thought I could beat him and he wouldn’t get a lot of votes.

      1.     Chelsea- My favorite team since I was 10. I remember having a Michael Ballack jersey.

      2.     Bayern- Robben is one of my favorite players, because I root for Holland whenever the US loses in the world cup, or in Euro. (I’m pissed two favorite teas won’t be in the world cup)

      3.     Real Madrid- You have to have respect for the consistency they have shown in the champions league. I also love Modric and think he is one of the best passers (plus I named my FUT team Modric’s hair)

      4.     Juventus- Once again you have to admire the level of greatness they show year after year, but they won’t be the same now that Buffon is gone.

      5.     Barcelona- How can you compete with a front like that (but Madrid is still better)

      6.     Man City- Better than Man city because they have better kits but still bad.

      7.     Man U- EW

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