• Hey guys! First I wanna say congratulations to you all for making it to the final 3, which is a big achievement! Thanks to all hosts and players for making this a fun season.

    I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, and just ask a couple of questions for you all to answer please.

    1) Why don’t you deserve to win?

    2) Why do the other two players sitting with you deserve to win?

    Thanks guys, and good luck to all of you!

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    • Hey Charlie! Looking forward to catching up after this <3

      1. I think there are a lot reasons people SHOULD vote for me, but obviously everyone has their faults. I think not playing in some competitions should be held against me, and perhaps not reaching out as often to a jury member such as Rexxy could hurt my chances. 

      I played the best overall game I could, and I wouldn't change a whole lot about the way I played in certain stages. 


      Why Bradley should win: I think he played the most aggressive game here, and that holds its merits. If jury management and an efficient social game wasn't an aspect, I would sit on my hands and let him sweep me in the jury vote. 

      Why Tiago should win: His loyalty needs to be recorded. Regardless of where the numbers were, I knew where his head was at. He was an honest player who put his allies before anything else. 

      I hope I answered these the best way possible, because I cherish the relationship we've had through two ORGs now. 

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    • Hey Charlie

      1) Everyone`s game have some faults and mine isnt the exception so i should not win because i can have wake up later to the game (like 3rd tribal of the merge) only then i started playing the game more hardly and bc i didnt tried so hard in the challenges as i could.


      a) Devon should win because he has been a loyal person to everyone and didnt piss anyone , hes a sweetheart and that shoud be recognized so if you want a clean victory vote for him.

      b) Bradley should win because he played a hard game , won challenges and switched his allies when he had to do it.

      Thanks for the questions bro and was fun to play with you this game so see you later.

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